SAGES Support

SAGESWeb is available for teachers needing access to SAGES from home.

SAGES was designed to work with the School District of Palm Beach County’s new standards based report card. The application provides four major functions for elementary teachers.

Report Card - SAGES allows you to enter the information that will appear on your students’ report cards and send electronically. This process does away with the need to manually complete scanner sheets.

Electronic Attendance - SAGES also provides the ability for you to enter and send your daily attendance electronically. The adoption of this feature is up to your administration.
Progress Reports – You may enter your progress report information into SAGES then automatically generate printable PDF documents to distribute to students.

Gradebook - SAGES also allows you to maintain an electronic gradebook. This gradebook, however, does not average grades. Since we do not use averaging on a standards based report card, there is no need for this functionality.

Rosters - SAGES is automatically fed student and course information directly from TERMS thus students are automatically added to your SAGES rosters within two days of entering your class. You will never need to manually enter a student in SAGES.

SAGES help can be found within the program or may be accessed here by downloading the SAGES Support Manual (PDF).


S.A.G.E.S. Support

Educational Technology Contact



Cliff Crawford

PX 46807