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Important: Type to Learn 4 is available for school use only.

How Do I Access Type to Learn in My Classroom?

Type to Learn is a desktop application that you launch from the shortcut on your desktop or by selecting Start > All Programs > Sunburst > Type to Learn.

If you do not see the shortcut or the program listed under the Start menu contact your school technical support staff person (ITSA or STST) and ask them to run the LanDesk job that will install the program on your computer(s).

Type to Learn 4 has been selected by the School District of Palm Beach County for students to learn the skill of typing. It has been purchased by the Department of Educational Technology. It is a research-based, interactive learning environment that will engage today’s learner. As of January 2014 it is now available to all K-12 students in the School District of Palm Beach County.

School Support Staff

The software should be installed by your school technical support staff (ITSA/ STST). The administrator will need both Type To Learn 4 and the Type to Learn Account Manager program installed on a Windows computer. Jobs for both applications can be found in LANDesk as shown in the School Tech Information section of this TrainU course.

Once the software is installed the school technical support staff will use the Type to Learn Account Manager program to enroll students in the program. Directions for this process can be found the Type to Learn Account Manager's Help menu. The process enrolls all students at your school (grades K-12), but does not organize them by class roster. Class rosters can be manually created by the teachers who are using Type To Learn 4.

School Instructional Staff

Once the program is installed and setup, then it is ready to use in the classroom. It is highly recommended that you download the Teachers Guide. An overview is provided of the program beginning on page 8 which included proper keyboarding technique, National Educational Technology Standards (NETS /now ISTE Standards), lesson scope and sequence, quick-blends, and quick-words, as well as activities per lesson. Then beginning on page 33, teachers can find out how to use the program which walks through logging in and accessing the main menu. Teachers, please refer to the appendix for expansion of the program with alignment to many different typing exercises which align with many reading comprehension strategies.


Training is available by contacting John Long in the Department of Educational Technology. He can be reached by email at john.long.1@palmbeachschools.org.

Typing programs to try at home

Type to Learn 4 is available for school use only. For typing instruction at home parents and students may wish to investigate the free programs listed here.

Below are some free keyboarding practice programs and games for HOME use. Links to the third-party websites are provided for convenience only. We do not endorse nor support the content of third-party links. By clicking on a third-party link, you will leave the School District of Palm Beach County's website. Some advertisements may appear and privacy and security policies may differ from those practiced by School District of Palm Beach County.

Type to Learn Support

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