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District Supported Standard

Skype (Currently
Not Available
Due to Security
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Adobe Connect Pro

Polycom CMA software and HDX series codecs

Excellent for basic collaboration (face to face chat) & bringing outside speakers into classroom.

Not recommended if recording or desktop content sharing is needed.

Desktop sharing only with premium. Simplest option for two person or two site video chat.


Excellent for classroom collaboration projects; superior for group trainings and large meetings from many sites.

Rich desktop sharing features (chat, polling, content pods, etc), easy recording and playback through web browser make

it superior for training.

Excellent for small group meetings, classroom mentoring, or daily instruction where highest quality communication and camera control are required.

Highest quality audio and video, but desktop content sharing should be done with Connect Pro.

Video Display and Camera Uses web browser and basic web cam Uses web browser and basic web cam

H.323 Standards Based; specialized Pan-Zoom-Rotate cameras and/or software required.


Microphone not necessarily muted when not in use as often used with only two parties.

Microphone typically muted when not in use for best experience with larger groups.
Priority given to HD audio as network traffic increases; muting not required.
Built-in Recording No Yes, one click with easily sharable web link

Yes, through video bridge but not easily sharable


Mobile Device App Yes Yes Not Supported
Similar Solutions

FaceTime (Apple)
Hangout (Google)

Go to Meeting (Citrix)
WebEx (Cisco)
Collaborate (Blackboard).

Tandberg (Cisco)

Interoperable With Similar Solutions No, but not an obstacle as access is web based No, but not an obstacle as access is web based

Yes for basic communication. No, for advanced features.

Strengths Widely used outside the District. Low bandwidth, low cost. Ease of use for all. Desktop sharing, recording. Low bandwidth and low cost. District-wide familiarity and availability. Ease of use for participants /viewers.

High quality audio and video.


VOIP audio and lower video frame rate, no recording, no content sharing.

VOIP audio and lower video frame rate. Training and account needed for presenter.

Desktop content sharing and high initial cost. Training required.

School Implementation Cost Range

Basic web cam and headset: $50 No licensing cost to District staff

Basic web cam and headset: $50 No licensing cost to District staff

CMA computer desktop software, high end web cam and headset: $200

Permanently installed with existing projector system: $8,690

Mobile cart: $12,200

Supported by District

Yes Yes Yes
Scale of Use in District All sites have access All sites---many staff users per school

Grant funded; limited number of schools

More Information Skype TrainU Course (District staff) Adobe Connect Pro Corporate Site

District Polycom Site

Video Conferencing Support

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Kim Culp
PX 48509

Adobe Connect 






Kim Cavanaugh
PX 47527


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Web Conferencing: Adobe Connect Pro Corporate Site

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Video Conferencing Examples


Web Conference via Internet Browser


HD Video Conference on Mobile Pedestal Cart


Telepresence Using Multiple HD Cameras Spanning Several Screens