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Reporting Solutions

Paula Joseph - Manager

Via District Google Mail


Office Phone: 561-629-8578

Cell Phone: 561-876-4609

PX: 28578


North Elementary Schools & Glades (All Levels)

Taryn Butler - Specialist

Via District Google Mail


Glades Region Edline Page

Office Phone: 561-434-8742

Cell Phone: 561-719-2327

PX: 48742


North, Central & South High Schools

Tiffany Latimore - Specialist

Via District Google Mail


North Region Edline Page

Office Phone: 561-357-5920

Cell Phone: 561-644-2505

PX: 25920


Central Elementary Schools

Kathleen Ali - Specialist


Via District Google Mail


Central Region Edline Page


Office Phone: 561-434-8892

Cell Phone: 561-644-2724

PX: 48892


South Elementary Schools

Lacey Sawyer - Specialist

Via District Google Mail


South Region Edline Page

Office Phone: 561-434-8913

Cell Phone: 561-644-2456

PX: 48913


North, Central & South Middle Schools

Claude Smith - Specialist

Via District Google Mail


South Region Edline Page

Office Phone: 561-434-8351

Cell Phone: 561-644-2291

PX: 48351


General EDW Email

EDW Email Help

Via District Google Mail


Office Phone: 561-357-7649

Cell Phone: 561-644-1982

PX: 47649


About E-mail

It has come to the attention of the EDW department that the Google Mail transition may necessitate changes in usual communications methods.


Are Your E-mails Getting Through?

Postini is a third party program used in conjunction with the District's Google Mail system to filter spam messages. We have discovered that Postini filters out certain messages based on keywords regardless of whether these messages are actually spam or not. We have contacted IT and have been unable to get a list of which keywords are blocked. At this point in time, there is no notification to the sender when messages containing one or more of these keywords are blocked. That means, you could e-mail a message to someone and to yourself as well and you would see the message in your inbox, but the other party would not receive it. You would not receive a notice that the e-mail was blocked by the spam filters. IT informed us that the notification feature of Postini is currently turned off for security reasons. We strive at EDW to provide support in a timely and helpful manner. If, for any reason, you suspect that your e-mail was not received by us, please contact your Area Specialist by phone.


Mailto: Links

When you click on an e-mail address on a web page, a mailto: link in the HTML on that page can bring up your e-mail program with certain fields such as who the e-mail goes to already filled in. On Windows systems, the browser program checks the registry for your default e-mail program and uses it. The transition to Google Mail did not include update of your default e-mail program. There are methods for updating the default e-mail program. Certain browsers such as Firefox will allow you to add a new e-mail client program without having to first add it to the Windows registry. However, Internet Explorer requires that you add the e-mail program to the registry before it will allow you to choose it as a default. An e-mail program can be added to the registry by an installation script during program installation. For example, Google Notifier's installation script adds a registry option to use Google Mail as the default. However, at this time, Google Notifier is not designed to work properly with the educational version of Google Mail the District is using. One can also modify the registry by hand or use a script to change the default settings. There are custom scripts available that can update your registry to use Google Mail (even the educational version) as the default e-mail client. Changing the registry requires administrative rights on Windows systems.


Contact Links Via District Google Mail

For those who do not have a viable default e-mail client and do not have the rights to change this setting, we have added Contact Links to our site that will connect you directly to your District Google Mail account for your convenience. Look for the links marked as Via District Google Mail. If you are already logged in to your District Google Mail account, these links will automatically fill in who the e-mail goes to and other relevant information. If you are not logged in, these links will bring you to a page where you can log in. Clicking on one of these link again after you're logged in to your District Google Mail account will bring up Compose Mail in a browser window with the appropriate fields filled in. If you do not have access to a District Google Mail account, please use the standard E-mail links which will function with your default e-mail program.


Are you new to EDW?

Have you met the following EDW Session Criteria?

      1. Your principal or director must send an email from his/her email address to "EDW ACCESS" including the employee's name, employee id number and type of access.
      2. You must enroll in an EDW Awareness/Navigation Session via Course Registration which is located on the District's main webpage.
      3. The course is located under the Course Catalog tab, Educational Data Warehouse subcategory.
      4. Your name is then added to EDW users' list. You must attend an entire EDW Awareness/Navigation Session.


Is your computer configured properly?

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to make sure your system meets minimum requirements and settings or contact your school site technician (ITSA/STST) for assistance. The FAQ includes information on district supported browsers and operating systems, Adobe Acrobat versions and settings, recommended screen resolutions, computer settings and more.

Useful links, such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader link may be found on the EDW Data Links page.


Are you having trouble logging in?

For userid or password problems, contact the IT Service Desk at 561-242-4100
or PX 44100.


Is it a system-wide problem?

Visit the IT Customer Support page for our System Status. On this page, current outages, new issues, scheduled maintenance and server status are listed.


Having Trouble Accessing EDW?

A troubleshooting PDF is available to provide additional guidance. Please email your EDW Area Specialist for assistance or EDW Email Help with general questions.


Have you exhausted all the options?

If you've tried all the above tips and still need assistance, send an email to our Manager of EDW Reporting Solutions. Please be as specific as possible in your email and if pertinent, include report name, screenshot of error message(s) and/or brief explanation of the incident. The more we know, the better we can help you.