November Wellness Spotlight on Elbridge Gale!

Wellness logoNovember Wellness Spotlight goes to Elbridge Gale Elementary School and Wellness Co-Champions, Syndie White and Jennifer Tobin! Aside from taking 1st place in the 2017 District-wide Colorweeks program, the school works together in everything they do to build a supportive and healthy school culture – from gratitude notes to childcare during Staff Sports.
Monthly social gatherings and a chair massage event are just two ways they like to de-stress. The staff lounge has become a perfect place for staff to get healthy meals and drinks throughout the day thanks to their new healthy vending machine, QixiBox. Also, throughout the hallways, water filling stations have been installed to make the healthy choice the easy choice for all.
In total, staff have lost more than 250lbs!! They credit the workout groups, onsite challenges, and coworker support in achieving these amazing health goals! And it doesn’t stop there! Future programs include a pedometer challenge, more workout teams, and a 60-day fitness challenge. Congratulations Elbridge Gale Elementary School!

Elbridge Gale ES Wellness Image