Guidelines and Schedule for Board Presentations

Board presentations are opportunities to showcase the talents, successes, or extraordinary contributions of any stakeholders in the District’s educational process. Students, employees, schools, business partners, parents, volunteers, programs, communities, community leaders and members, officials, projects, and other individuals and entities of interest and importance. Presentations include proclamations—ceremonial documents issued by the School Board that recognize a specific day, week, or month that holds local, statewide, or national significance or serves an educational purpose for a significant number of students, staff, or residents.

Presentations are held twice a month at the workshop and regular Board meetings on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, with a few exceptions each year. Recognition of Individual, School, Group, District Achievement Individual, school, team or group accomplishments of local, state, national, or international significance may be recognized at Board meetings, which may include a Certificate of Recognition, if appropriate.

In instances where the individual(s), school(s), or group(s) being recognized have already been awarded a trophy, plaque, or certificate, those being recognized are encouraged to bring their awards with them to include in the photograph they will take with the superintendent and board members. Submitting a Proclamation or Recognition Request Workshop and regular board meetings are already scheduled through December 2017.

Click here to view the School Board Meeting Calendar through December, 2017, to determine the meeting date you prefer for the presentation.  All requests must be submitted in writing by FAX, email, U.S. mail, District PONY, or hand delivery. If the request is mailed, FAXed, or delivered by PONY, please contact the Communications and Engagement Department at 561-434-8771 or email to confirm receipt of the request.

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The Superintendent and Board receive many requests to recognize achievements of students, schools, employees, District-level staff, volunteers, community organizations and business partners who are making a difference locally, and at the state, national, and international levels. Consequently, time for formal recognition at School Board meetings is limited.

After a review of your request by the Communications & Engagement Department, Superintendent and Executive Staff, you will be notified whether or when a formal presentation at a District Board meeting will be scheduled. Requests for School Board of Palm Beach County recognition of an individual or group should be submitted six weeks prior to the requested Board meeting date. The Board meets every first and third Wednesday; presentations begin at 5:00 p.m.