AT - Free On-Line Reading Resources





-Great resources for all components of reading (Phonemic awareness, Phonics, etc.) -On-line resources for reading and more

-Digital library

-Celebrities reading books

-12,000 free books with read features

-Videos of books being read aloud / DirectoryFrame.htm

-Animated stories read aloud with levels

-Free games, worksheets, guided reading

-Free printable picture symbols

-Resources, including accessible books

-a website that makes text easier to understand

-Teacher created lists for spelling

-Online stories and talking books

-Stories, games and activities

-Books that are read aloud

-Narrated stories / games

-Pre-K to 6th grade: ideas/reproducibles for reading

-Reading games and web books

-Internet public library

-Vocabulary quizes-correct answers donates rice

-lists and reviews kid's literature by category

-hundreds of free Powerpoints for all subjects

cartoon of students