AT - Resources for Learning and Study Skills






-Lots of free resources for learning including graphic organizers, printable, calendars, and a worksheet maker. K-8

-Free downloadable graphic organizers for problem solving, decision making, studying and research. K-12

-Tons of free learning resources including worksheets, worksheet maker, lesson plans, graphic organizers and an assignment generator K-12

-Free printable calendars, weekly planners, grid paper, friendly letter samples, maps, organizational charts, information lists, study diagrams, etc… K-12

-Free printable awards, certificates, checklists, letters/reminders home

Free Graphic Organizers K-8


-Free games, worksheets, guided reading

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-This is a great site with information and resources as well as free printable picture symbols and charts to use for visual schedules and steps within tasks. This site was originally designed for children on the Autism spectrum and children with learning disabilities, but has wide application to any children who might benefit from the use of visual supports for learning.

-Free study guides, multiple choice practice quizzes, and Audio “Cram Casts” for all content areas Level: Middle/High

-Free study guides for all content areas and a brief and engaging video is available for some of the novels. Level: Middle/High

-Free clipart to use for student reports and projects

-Khan Academy provides videos to teach/reteach topics in all subject areas