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Joanne Thornton

Procedural Compliance Coordinator

The School District of Palm Beach County
3378 Forest Hill Blvd, A-203
West Palm Beach, FL  33406
Telephone: 561-434-7322

Fax: 561-434-8384

Michelle Morgan

Resource teacher for Compliance

Telephone: 561-434-8539

Fax: 561-434-8384




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Important Information for Parents and School Staff:

School District of Palm Beach County entered into an agreement to improve services to students who are emotionally/behaviorally disabled (E/BD) and/or having behavioral issues that have resulted in repeated disciplinary removals (suspensions from school).

The School District of Palm Beach County, Department of ESE, is committed to the use of positive behavior interventions and support to assist school staff, students and their families to improve both student behavior and achievement.


ESE Compliance Issues

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new banner graphicESE Policies and Procedures (SP&P)

Matrix of Services PowerPoint

Compliance Self-Assessment Manual (.pdf)

Purging/Revising ESE Student Records (.pdf)

RtI Parent Brochure(.pdf)

Issues That May Trigger Due Process Hearings(.pdf)

ESE Acronyms(.pdf)

Glossary of ESE Terms(.pdf)

Tips for Parent Communication(.pdf)

Independent Educational Evaluation(.pdf)

Surrogate Parent Information


Surrogate Parent Procedures(.pdf)

Due Process Brochure(.pdf)

Mediation Brochure(.pdf)


Federal Regulations Sections - IDEA



State of Florida Regulations(.pdf)

ESE Rule Revisions - Summary(.pdf)

Private Schools(.pdf)


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Procedural Safeguards - English (.pdf)

Procedural Safeguards - Spanish(.pdf)

Procedural Safeguards - Creole(.pdf)

Procedural Safeguards - French (.pdf)

Procedural Safeguards-Portuguese (.pdf)

Procedural Safeguards for Exceptional Students Who Are Gifted (.pdf)

 Procedural Safeguards for Exceptional Students Who Are Gifted-Spanish(.pdf)

Procedural Safeguards (power point)

Student Records and Confidentiality(.pdf)

Regulations Questions and Answers(.pdf)

School Board Policy regarding provision of special education – 5.725

State Board Rule regarding IEPs – 6A-6.03028

Federal IDEA