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Models of Support

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One general education teacher is providing instruction and an ESE teacher is providing consultation services in accordance with a student’s IEP. For consultation services the general education teacher and ESE teacher meet face-to-face, conference calls or virtual technologies on a regular basis to plan, implement, and monitor instructional strategies designed to ensure that the student with a disability is successful in the general education classroom. If claiming these services on the Matrix of Services Document, the meetings must be face-to-face or through virtual conferencing technologies and documented.

Support Facilitation

One general education teacher is providing instruction for both the general education courses and ESE courses AND an ESE teacher provides services via “in class one-on-one.” In class one-on-one is defined as follows: “Teacher meets with an individual student or small group of students on an individualized basis within a traditional classroom but not as a co-teacher.” In class one-on-one is also known as, “support facilitation,” or “inclusion teaching” in accordance with s. 1003.03(5), F.S.

Best practices dictate that the student ratios mirror the population of the school. The frequency and intensity of support varies based upon students’ IEP needs. Support may be provided on alternating days (M-W-F in one class, T–TH in another), split periods ( in a 90 minute block, 45 minutes in one class, 45 in another), all in accordance with the student IEP needs.

Paraprofessionals cannot be utilized as support facilitators.


Two teachers, one general education teacher and one special education teacher, are providing instruction through co-teaching in accordance with Section 1003.03(5)(c), F.S. Both teachers share responsibility for planning, delivering, and evaluating instruction for all students in a class/subject for the entire class period.

Special Education Setting

One teacher is providing instruction in special class (consult certification guidelines)

Instruction Delivered in the Home Community

Regularly scheduled instruction for a specified period of time delivered in the student’s home by a certified teacher in accordance with the IEP.

For certification guidelines relative to SPED Models of Support,
Please consult the Florida Department of Education “Course Code Directory and Instructional Personnel Assignments”http://www.fldoe.org/articulation/CCD/1415.asp