Michelle Beatty
Project Manager/ESE Specialist

The School District of Palm Beach County
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The Multiagency Network for Students with
Emotional/ Behavioral Disabilities 



National Institute of Mental Health
Florida State SEDNET
Department of Education- ESE 

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The Palm Beach County SEDNET promotes a high quality, comprehensive system of care for students who have, or are at-risk of emotional and/or behavioral disabilities. SEDNET collaborates with local community-based agencies using research-based best practices that include support for education and access to mental health services. SEDNET’s primary goal is to assist identified students to fully participate in all aspects of the school and the community.

SEDNET is funded by the Florida Department of Education as mandated by enactment of Section 230.2317, Florida Statutes, 1982, and administered through the School District of Palm Beach County, Department of Exceptional Student Education.



Students with disabilities, especially those identified with or at-risk of emotional and/or behavioral disabilities. At-risk and drop out prevention students with mental health concerns. Families of students with or at-risk of emotional and/or behavioral disabilities. Agency personnel, such as child welfare, substance abuse and mental health agency case managers and therapists, juvenile probation officers, and other mental health providers.


Symptoms are varied and profound for the affected students and their families, and have multiple causes. Generally, a student with an emotional and/or behavioral disability has persistent and consistent adverse emotional and behavioral responses which have existed over an extended period of time and interfere with educational achievement. 

A student with an emotional and/or behavioral disability demonstrates: an inability to maintain adequate performance in the educational environment which can not be explained by physical, sensory, socio-cultural, developmental, medical or health (with the exception of mental health) factors; internal feelings of sadness; mood swings or erratic behavior; fears; phobias or anxiety regarding personal or school problems; excessive levels of withdrawal; inability to have satisfactory interpersonal relationships; behaviors that are chronic and disruptive and manifestations of internal factors.

A broader general definition of serious emotional disturbance is contained in the Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Act, F.S. 394.492(6) and is used when children and adolescents need community based or residential treatment services supported by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Generally, a child/adolescent must have a mental, emotional or behavior disorder that meets a diagnostic category in the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V) and exhibits behavior that substantially interferes with the child/adolescent’s ability to successfully function in school, the family or community.

For the purposes of obtaining school based services for a student who has an emotional and/or behavioral disability the student must meet the criteria and characteristics that are found in Section 6A-6.03016 of the Florida Administrative Code and the School Board of Palm Beach County’s Special Programs and Procedures for Exceptional Students.



TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: To identify, coordinate and link community services to eligible students and their families.

TRAINING: Includes providing specific training, curriculum resources and staff development for school district staff, mental health professionals, parents and other community groups and individuals.

ADVOCACY: Participation in IEP or other meetings to provide recommendations and support consistent with recognized best practices of student centered, family focused and least restrictive programs and services. SEDNET can help coordinate in or out of district student transfers to ensure seamless integration and smooth transition of services for eligible students and their families.