School Recycling Program

What can our schools recycle?

  • Cardboard & paper
  • Mixed plastic, glass, and aluminum which, when combined, are called "commingled materials"
  • Electronic waste (commonly called "e-waste"), such as computer monitors, CPUs, VCRs, DVD players, and other small electronics.


  • Ink and toner cartridge recycling services are provided by Dade Recycling. They will place a bin at your school and then when the bin is full, they will pick it up and issue the school a check for the proceeds. It's as easy as that!
  • Rechargeable batteries (not the regular, alkaline-type, which can be thrown in the trash). Each school should have a blue, 5-gallon bucket in which to collect batteries. If you need a replacement bucket, request one by emailing


  • Clothing & shoes can be recovered for reuse or recycling with our recycling partner, FUNraising Dollars.



Recycling Resources


Who organizes a school's recycling efforts?

  • Collection and oversight is provided by staff and students (usually through an after-school or service-oriented club), with support from the school's administration and custodial staff. The most successful recycling programs also have parent and community involvement.

Who pays for the recycling services?

  • The District's utilities budget pays for the hauling service and lease fees associated recycling, so there is no direct cost to the school.


For further information, please contact Lisa Toy at