Important Dates

Forms Review Committee
Schedule 2016-2017

Friday, September 16, 2016 - 8:30am
Cafeteria (Back)

Friday, January 20, 2017 - 8:30am
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Friday, May 12, 2017 - 8:30am
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Tentative interim dates:

Nov. 18, 2016
Mar. 10, 2017

Forms Management Program

DocGlassesFlorida Statute 1008.385 (2)(b)1 requires each Florida public school district to establish a district-wide forms management program and a Forms Review Committee. The Statute also requires that an inventory of all School District forms be maintained and that an Official Forms Index be made accessible to the public.

The primary purpose of the Palm Beach County School District forms management program and the Forms Review Committee is to ensure that the District is in compliance with Florida Statute 1008.385 (2)(b)1.

The objective of the program and the committee is to monitor the creation, design, production, printing, and collection of School District forms. The primary function of the Forms Review Committee is to review and approve each new form with the underlying objective to reduce and consolidate as much as possible the total number of forms used throughout the District.

Forms Review Committee

The Forms Review Committee is made up of a cross-section of principals, teachers, and administrators from throughout the School District. Florida Statutes 1008.385 2(b)1 requires each Florida school district to establish this type of committee. It also mandates that the committee be made up of a majority of teachers. The Classroom Teachers Association (CTA) assigns teachers to the Committee. The Assistant Superintendents assign administrative personnel from each division.

The Committee is required to recommend procedures to the School Board for eliminating, reducing, revising, and consolidating forms, paperwork, and data collection requirements. The Committee is also required to submit an annual report of its findings to the School Board.

Please refer to the Forms Management Manual for more information on the Forms Management Program.

Non-voting Members (Staff Advisors)

Holly Barnhart
FRC Coordinator
IT Enterprise Applications

Nadeen Duhaney
Records Specialist
IT Enterprise Applications

Valerie Crenshaw
Forms Design
IT Enterprise Applications

Marla Phillips
Resource Teacher
Exceptional Student Education

Vilma Price
Multicultural Education Department

Kara Rubinson
IT Manager
IT Enterprise Applications

Michele Strawmire
Web Forms Administrator
IT Enterprise Applications

Voting Members (Chair, Teachers, District Administration)

Karen Adducci
Purchasing Agent (District Administration)
Purchasing Department

Dianne Rivelli-Schreiber
Principal (FRC Chair)
Waters Edge Elementary

Diana Fedderman
Secondary Education

Ernestine Coleman
CO Kirklane/Taylor Elementary

Melanie Pitts
Manager (District Administration)
Accounting Services

Edith Pride
Boca Raton Elementary

Frankie LaVergne
Jupiter Elementary

Jason Smith
FTE Specialist

Barbara Taub-Albert
H.L. Johnson Elementary

Leslie Wilson
Carver Middle School

Jason Carver
Riviera Beach Prep