Parent registering his children for school

Important Registration Information

Parents and Guardians, in order for students to receive health services at school your signed consent must be provided in advance and on file. This applies to ALL students, both new and returning.

Educate Affirm Inspire 2022-2023 - Elementary school student playing bongos

Welcome Back!

We are excited to welcome you to a new school year. Watch now for information on academics and curriculum, transportation, school security, health services, and more.

Bus driver standing in front of parked buses

Discover What Drives You!

From a $1,000 Sign-on bonus to a $500 Employee Referral Program, discover the amazing incentives to join the Transportation team.

Students in line in the cafeteria

Kids Eat Free!

Breakfast and lunch is free for all students for the 2022-2023 school year.

The School District of Palm Beach County Maintained its A-Rating

District Maintains A-rating

The District once again earns an A-rating from the Florida Department of Education.



Mission Statement

The mission of the School District of Palm Beach County is to educate, affirm, and inspire each student in an equity-embedded school system.
The School District of Palm Beach County