Destiny Library Manager

Destiny Library Manager is the library catalog for the collections in Palm Beach County school libraries. All Destiny school sites are managed by the school's library media specialist.


Destiny Library Manager Training

Any school library media specialist or media clerk, may request preliminary or additional Destiny Library Manager training by filling out this form.


Accessing Destiny Library Manager

To access Destiny Library Manager, log into the SDPBC Employee Portal.  Search for and click the Destiny Library tile. Direct access to Destiny for guest users.


Online Support

Video support for Destiny Library Manager can be found here.

page3-icon3LMSs Contact List

Contact list for all media specialists and media clerks organized by school level.


Equipment Title Request

If an equipment title record does not exist in Destiny Library Manager, please fill out this request form.


Barcodes and Scanners

Please contact Teresa Viola, PX 45197 for ordering information.

Destiny Library Manager Systems Administrator


Nolan Rowell, Specialist

561-684-5198 or PX 45198


Destiny Library Catalog

Follett's Destiny Library Catalog houses each school's library collection. Collections are maintained at the school level by the library media specialist and the media clerk. All original title record processing and cataloging is done at the district level at the SDPBC Department of Library Media Services.