Special Needs Order Form - To be used by schools in order to request a second textbook for a particular student with special needs, as determined by the school's Child Study Team (IEP and/or 504 Plan).  Must be signed by the Parent/Guardian and Principal.  The Parent/Guardian receives a copy, the school keeps a copy for its records, and a copy must be emailed/faxed to the Instructional Materials Department.

PBSD 0388 Instructional Materials Order/Return - This form combines PBSD 0388and 0389 (PBSD 0389 is now obsolete). Can be used to order materials when it is not possible to place orders on the TX05 Ordering Screens (unavailability of computer access, screens are closed, or for restricted materials). Should be used when returning on-adoption materials to the Instructional Materials Department (Excess on-adoption return, rebinding, etc.).

PBSD 0397 Teacher's Instructional Materials Record - Can be used to maintain a running balance of materials issued to a teacher throughout the year. A separate record for every teacher
can be created in OmniForm and adjusted as needed.

PBSD 1134 Instructional Materials Pick Up Request for Excess On Adoption or Off Inventory Materials - To be used to inform the Instructional Materials Department when materials are to be picked up from schools.  For Off Inventory materials, you only need to indicate the number of boxes and their location. For On-Adoption materials, you must list the titles and quantities being returned on the table.

PBSD 1989 School Instructional Materials Accountability Plan - Used by schools to identify which parties in a school are responsible for performing accountability activities and instructional materials inventory counts. Must be approved the principal and School Advisory Council.

PBSD 1990 Community Service Record for Instructional    Materials Obligations  - Can be used by school to track community service performed by students to satisfy instructional materials obligations.

PBSD 2020 Textbook Collection Referral - Can be used to refer an instructional materials collection matter to the Legal Services Department after the school’s collection attempts have been

PBSD 2057 Instructional Materials Obligation Letter - Can be used to notify parents of their students financial obligation for lost and/or damaged instructional materials. Designed to be
completed and printed on school letterhead.

PBSD 2181 Teacher or Lay Person Nomination for Instructional Materials Adoption Committee -

An Application to be used by individuals who would like to participate on Instructional Material Committee's.

  • Available from the Instructional Materials Department

PBSD 0988 District Ownership Label - Should be placed on the inside front cover of a book if there is not already one in place. The school name should be stamped on the top part of the label. (email

PBSD 1277 Dual Enrollment Program Book Voucher - Required for dual enrollment student to pick up their course materials from the designated college bookstore. Materials for dually enrolled students are provided free of charge with this form. Students are responsible for returning all non-consumable materials listed on these forms. Any materials not returned by students will be considered lost and subject to the appropriate fines.                                                            (email