K-12 Instructional Materials

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The department of Instructional Materials is responsible for providing textbooks and instructional tools to our K-12 students and teachers.

Each school site has a designated Instructional Materials Contact for teachers and students regarding textbook needs and ordering. You can refer to our School Contact List on our drop down menu to identify your school site Instructional Materials manager.

Many of the ways we do things are changing. The basics of pencil, chalk, and print textbooks are being supplemented with computers, handheld devices, and other electronic media. Florida is poised to transition its instruction to the digital age and remove barriers to provide Florida’s teachers and students digital learning tools. We are committed to ensuring that teachers and students have access to these materials for preparation, homework, class use, time on a computer at school, or other instructional materials available in our library media centers. The textbooks in core subject areas can be accessed online by students. Students/parents should check with the school to obtain access methods for online textbooks. A list of all District adopted textbooks and those that are available online and via Edline can be found at the following link: https://www.palmbeachschools.org/imlms/adoptioninformation/.

Our School Board is committed to providing appropriate instructional materials in all core areas of study for each student.



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