Dawn Pumphrey

Dawn Pumphrey

IT Enterprise Applications

The mission of the Department of IT Enterprise Applications is to provide world class enterprise applications and systems development, support, and maintenance services, through utilizing industry standards and best practices. By following comprehensive and rigorous testing processes, we will ensure quality, reliability, and ease-of-use of applications for our teachers, students, administrators, and community. Our continuous improvement efforts include investigating and implementing innovative and cost-effective technologies, improving customer service and response times, and optimizing our processes to provide maximum uptime to our schools and stakeholders.

  • Customer Application
  • Development Application Support
  • Student System
  • DOE Reporting
  • Facilities System Technical Support

David Wilhelm

IT Infrastructure & Systems Support

The mission of the Infrastructure, Systems Support & Security Department is to provide the infrastructure, support, and security necessary to drive the technology required in todays classrooms and administrative centers. The infrastructure, both wired and wireless, is designed to be robust, yet flexible as the District shifts toward new technology. The network requires the bandwidth capacity, flexibility, mobility, and security to meet the needs of our schools in real-time. With the goal of supporting classrooms and schools with dependable, appropriate solutions always in mind, IT Administration focuses our projects based on the District goals and mission to enhance student achievement. Areas under Infrastructure, Systems Support and Security include:


Disaster Recovery
Manage the disaster recovery plans and projects throughout the Information Technology Division.

Servers, Backup, Storage, Network, and Performance Efficiencies
The Systems Response Center (SRC) at FHESC is the catalyst for performance improvements on the network, ensuring that system failures are minimized, while applications and systems are constantly monitored. This team is responsible for the Districts core network equipment, firewalls, URL filtering, and numerous other Data Center network and communication devices.

Network Communications
Create and maintain all District-wide network and wireless infrastructures.

Telephone Communications
Create and maintain all District-wide telephone infrastructures.


Chris Persaud

IT Technology Operations


The mission of IT Technical Operations is to anticipate and service the computing needs of the School District of Palm Beach County. In addition, the operations staff provides a variety of operations-related support and services to educate and orient users who wish to take advantages of the services offered.


Data Center
Provide data center coverage that includes system and tape backup monitoring, Mainframe batch job processing, school based printing (e.g. report cards, reporting and labels) all in an environmentally sound data center with state-of-the-art disaster recovery solutions.

End-User Computing Maintenance Model
IT Infrastructure has implemented a centralized system of deploying software, asset inventorying, and reporting that is increasing efficiencies and providing cost reductions. The management system used has been deployed to schools and is in use by their technical staff, extending these efficiencies to the classrooms.

Field Support
Provide end-user support in all schools and District offices relating to audio visual, printing, MAC and PC/laptop hardware and software system setup and support.

Professional Development
Create classroom and web-based technical training programs, such as Microsoft Office, and other District approved software applications which are offered to all District employees at the IBIS training facility or through TrainU.

Service Desk
Provide end-user support via telephone and web-based systems to ensure the timely resolution to customer requests and incidents.


Natasha Bell-Hayden

Project Management Office


The Information Technology Division Project Management Office (PMO) mission is to implement projects, applications, and systems each year that impact schools and administration.  Our PMO team defines and maintains the standards of process within the division ensuring that Project Management best practices are followed.  They make sure our projects are as effective and efficient as possible, along with being the source of project documentation, guidance, and progress metric.