What is IT Governance?

IT Governance's (ITG) mission is implanting processes that ensure effective and efficient uses of Technology in achieving the District's Mission and Goals.

The question is often asked, “What does governance mean and what do you do?” The answers below are from multiple perspectives.

Perspective 1

Gartner's answer "Governance is the processes which ensure the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to achieve its goals." Additionally, Gartner makes these points:

  • Governance is composed of processes with the inputs, outputs, roles and responsibilities inherently delivery via technology.
  • Governance is identified as "ensuring" as opposed to having a primary role of "executing" governance is defined as a business goal, not just IT-related.
  • Key performance measures are identified as effectiveness and efficiency, together representing business value.

Perspective 2

The simple answer is governance assures that decisions and actions are made in alignment with the District's Mission by assuring that those who have their way hear those who have a say.

Perspective 3
Answered in another way The goal of governance is to implement a framework through which decisions are made, standards and policies defined, and processes implemented in the best interest of the organization, often through a representative series of structures.

Perspective 4
IT Governance Institute's answer Governance has these major responsibilities within an organization:

  • Alignment of IT with the enterprise
  • Realization of the promised benefits of IT
  • Use of IT to enable the enterprise by exploiting opportunities and maximizing benefits
  • Responsible use of IT resources
  • Appropriate management of IT-related risks

Perspective 5
Elevator Answer, Governance is the process of making sure that those who have a say are at the table with those who have their way when decisions are being made.

Weill and Ross conclude that "effective IT governance is the single most important predictor of the value an organization generates from IT."