These Policies are designed to assure that technology aligns with the mission and goals of the District. These policies direct the use of technology for the students' academic success. While only a few policies directly address students' use of technology all policies focus technology for the support and success of student learning.


Other Guidelines

Email Public Records Policy 2.041
Copyrights Copyrights & Fair Use Guidelines
Technology Performance K-12 Student Technology Performance Standards


* This is an index of policies directly related to District technologies. Policies that address behaviors and actions which could be, or are, delivered through technology are not listed. (Examples: Harassment as documented in Policy 3.19, Document Retention requirements in Policy 2.041 or Use of Copyrighted Materials in Policy 8.121 could be violated through the use or misuse of technologies such as Email, Land Line, Cellular Phone, etc.) Therefore all technology users should be familiar with and adhere to all District policies.