Information Technology offers technical training for most Microsoft Office software programs as well as other District Information Systems such as ParentLink. Technical Trainers conduct on-site classroom training, schedule and maintain the calendar activities, and provide customized technical training as needed. Please refer to eLearning to register for the class.


The District's technical training labs are located in the Fulton-Holland Educational Service Center (FHESC), Building E.



Each manual provides a table of contents that allows for easy “one click” access to a specific topic for easy reference.

Office 2013 Office 2010
Access 2013 Access 2016
Excel 2013 Excel 2016
PowerPoint 2013 PowerPoint 2016
Word 2013   Word 2016
ParentlinkUsersGuide V8



Course Registration and Descriptions
You may register for any of these courses by going to your PeopleSoft Portal.

Select the eLearning Self Service. section.
Select the Search Catalog entry.
Enter 'microsoft' in the Search the Catalog block.


  • Click on Search Activities.
  • scroll through the list until you see the course you wish to take. Select the course and then click Enroll..

Please remember to be courteous and drop the course if your plans change and you cannot attend the class as there is often a "wait list" for participants.



Microsoft Word is an essential tool for the creation of documents. Its ease of use has made Word one of the most widely used word processing applications currently on the market. Therefore, it's important to become familiar with the various facets of this software, since it allows for compatibility across multiple computers as well as collaborative features. Word is a fairly simple program to use for completing simple tasks. However, it may be more difficult to learn how to explore the more advanced possibilities of Word. 



Microsoft PowerPoint is a full featured presentation program that helps you quickly and efficiently develop dynamic, professional-looking presentations and then deliver them to an audience.This component introduces the basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint and covers the basics of creating simple presentations and editing and formatting the PowerPoint slides. It includes discussion on animation and the inclusion of pictures and graphics.



Microsoft Excel is a full-featured spreadsheet program that helps you quickly and efficiently develop dynamic, professional workbooks to summarize and present your data. It is used to construct and configure spreadsheets. This component introduces the procedures for a user to organize, format, and calculate data with formulas using a spreadsheet system broken up by rows and columns.



Microsoft Access provides a very sophisticated application development system for the Microsoft Windows operating system. This helps you build applications quickly, whatever the data source. In fact, you can build simple applications by defining forms and reports based on your data.  This course is designed for beginning users of Microsoft Access. It covers the objects that are developed and used to create and support information in a database format.

It is recommended that Microsoft Excel should be completed prior to this class.



ParentLink is an outsourced mass notification system that has been implemented for all Palm Beach County schools. It is used District wide to transmit information to parents and staff members on issues related to school and District activities. Training includes the steps necessary for staff members to monitor their attendance calling data as well as generating school based message to their parents and staff members. All ParentLink calling system users and potential users must complete the training to have access to the system.