Administrative Hiring

The School District of Palm Beach County offers a variety of leadership opportunities. Whether you are new to the District or a longtime employee, the ability to advance your career is available to those who establish themselves as a leader.

External Applicants applying for Principal and Assistant Principal positions please Click Here for the required documentation.


Hiring Process for Administrative Vacancies

Administrative Vacancies
Administrative job openings are advertised within our online application system, and include Assistant Principals, Principals, Directors, Managers, Specialists, Asst. Superintendents, Chiefs, and more. Many of these opportunities are available to internal candidates, however some administrative positions are also available to external job seekers. Once the job posting has closed, applications are reviewed, and candidates who meet the established criteria are contacted for an interview.

Administrative Selection
Criteria for each job is chosen to identify candidates who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential functions of the job at the highest level. Interviews are conducted using Targeted Selection, which is a behavioral based interview. These interviews are typically thirty minutes in length, and questions are asked by a committee. This process is based on the principle that past job experiences are a strong predictor of future actions. Unless directed otherwise, you are not required to bring any items to this interview, including your resume. Candidates who successfully interview and are selected will then be guided through the hiring process by Recruitment & Retention.

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