Current Substitute Teachers


3300 Forest Hill Blvd., A-132 • West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Fax: (561) 357-7633
Sub Locator Number: 1-561-594-1116 or 1-866-775-2149

  • A substitute is a temporary employee who works on an as-needed basis.
  • A substitute is paid for days/hours worked and does not receive any benefits.

Substitute Teacher Quick Reference Card

Reasonable Assurance Summer Letter.  This letter was also emailed to active substitutes. 

School Directory
Review the School Directory to access driving directions and phone numbers of every school.

Substitute Teacher Hours:

Elementary and middle school substitutes are paid for 6.5 hours for a full day. They are to be on campus 7 hours, which includes a 30 minute duty-free unpaid lunch. High school substitutes are paid 7 hours for a full day. Substitutes are to be on campus 7.5 hours, which includes a 30 minute, duty-free unpaid lunch. Half days will count towards your working day count for the year. 


  • Please make yourself UNAVAILABLE in the Sub Locator if you are aware of the day(s) ahead of time.
  • When updating your phone number on the Sub Locator YOU MUST enter the 1 plus the area code, then the 7 digit number. No dashes.
  • Review your future jobs frequently. Get in the habit of checking every morning to verify the job is still active (not canceled) and to verify the date, start, and end times.
  • Substitutes must work in this capacity for a minimum of fifteen (15) jobs per year, with at least one working day as a substitute teacher in each of the two semesters. Failure to meet these requirements will result in termination from your position as a substitute teacher. Working as a substitute in a charter school does not count towards the minimum of fifteen (15) jobs.

Substitute ID Badges

Substitute badge renewals begin April 1 for the following school year. Any questions regarding the badge renewal process or fingerprinting please contact School Police at 561-434-8300.  ALL SUBSTITUTES ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE AN UNEXPIRED SUBSTITUTE ID BADGE IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES WHILE AT A SCHOOL SITE. A school can send you home if you do not have your Substitute ID badge.  

Cancelled Jobs

If a substitute wishes to cancel a job, it is up to the substitute to cancel the job in the Sub Locator and to notify the school of the cancellation. If a teacher cancels a job it is the responsibility of the teacher or school to inform the substitute of the cancellation. If the teacher or school fails to do so and the substitute shows up, the substitute is to call the Substitute Office while still at the school site and we will try to find a job for a full day in the area. If nothing is available, the substitute is to stay at the school site for a half day and get paid for the half day. If the substitute refuses to stay, the school is under no obligation to pay them. 

Substitute to Interim Teacher Hiring

When a substitute teacher is hired into an interim teaching position, his or her substitute status becomes inactive. To request reactivation of the substitute status at the end of the interim position, the school secretary will email Linda Everline or Shirley Morris. This must be done prior to the completion of the interim position to avoid a break in service. It is up to the substitute to inform the school secretary that they wish to substitute again.

Substitute Profile 
During the application process, you had selected the locations by regions. All Substitutes can update, delete or create a school location list. The directions are:

  1. Sign into the SmartFind Express Sub Locator online at
  2. Go to SCHEDULE, then to LOCATIONS.
  3. To Delete a Location or Region, check the box and click delete.
  4. To Add a Location, click new and highlight the Location then save.
  5. For Adding Multiple Locations, hold down the Control Button when selecting the locations.

*You no longer need to send a request to the Substitute Office for changing locations.

To Terminate Your Employment

If you no longer wish to substitute, please send a written statement to the Substitute Office, either by email, fax, or regular mail. 

Advanced Degree Pay

Substitute teaching is a temporary position and does not qualify for Advanced Degree Pay. If you take a regular teaching position, you will need to request Advanced Degree Pay from the Compensation & Employee Information Department. An Advanced Degree Request form is available on the District forms website (PBSD 2277). 

"The School District of Palm Beach County prohibits discrimination against students, employees, and applicants on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, marital status, age, parental status and disability in any of its educational activities and services and employment practices."