Frequently Asked Questions

When should I complete the forms and submit all documents needed for hire?

  • Once you have been offered a position you may submit your documents to the Department of Recruitment & Retention. The forms must be completed in full and please include your applicant identification number on all documents.

Can hiring supervisors view my cover letter and resume in PeopleSoft?

  • All documents should be uploaded in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Documents uploaded in any other format may not open properly. They can be viewed by hiring supervisors on PeopleSoft.

Will having references on file increase my chances for employment?

  • After completing an application in full, references may make a difference. It is advised that you submit references from employment / student teaching supervisors covering the past five years of employment. The reference must be on the approved reference form. Written letters are not accepted in place of the reference form.

If I am applying for a paraprofessional or a teaching position, do I need to meet the Every Student Succeeds Act requirements?

  • Yes. In compliance with the ESSA legislation, the School District of Palm Beach County is committed to hiring highly qualified teachers and paraprofessionals.

When do I get fingerprinted?

  • If you're offered a job and conditionally approved for hire, the Department of Recruitment & Retention will present you with a job offer letter. This will allow you to be fingerprinted by the Department of School Police. Even if you've been fingerprinted by an out-of-state agency, you will need to be approved by the Department of School Police prior to working. For more information regarding fingerprinting, click here.

Can I pay by credit card for fingerprinting?

  • Yes. Effective 2014, School Police is accepting credit card payments on their website. Payments must be made online at least 24 hours prior to your arrival at the Fingerprinting Office. You are required to bring a copy of your payment confirmation receipt with you to the Fingerprinting Office.

If I'm a student teacher and I was recently fingerprinted and drug-tested, will I need to complete this again upon receiving a job offer?

  • All job offers require approval from School Police and Risk Management. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and the hiring supervisor will direct you upon signing a Job Offer Letter.

Will I be contacted for an interview?

  • Not everyone that applies will be contacted for an interview. To increase the chance of being considered for a position, make sure you only apply to positions for which you qualify and complete the application in full.

To whom should I address my cover letter? Can I write it for a specific school or should it be generic for the district?

  • When you attach a cover letter, it is advised that you be as general as possible. When you include your cover letter and resume in your profile, it is automatically attached to each application you complete.

What does it mean when a job posting says "Interim"?

  • The term "Interim" usually applies to an employee that is filling in for another employee that is on a leave of absence. Some positions may be advertised as "Interim" when budget shortages are expected. All "Interim" contracts will expire before or on June 30th.

If I accept a part-time (.5) job, do I receive benefits?

  • Part-time (.5) teacher positions earn benefits and this information will be reviewed during the Online New Employee Orientation if you are hired. No other part-time (.5) jobs earn benefits.

Are substitutes, tutors, or other temporary positions offered benefits?

  • No, temporary employees are not offered benefits.

Are there criminal offenses that will limit my job opportunities?

  • Yes, the Ethics in Education Act establishes that a conviction of certain offenses makes one ineligible for instructional and administrative positions. For more information regarding criminal background reviews and disqualifying offenses, click here.

What will be my starting salary?

  • Teacher salary is non-negotiable and an exact quote other than the minimum salary will not be provided until experience and qualifications are verified. Employees should contact the Human Resources Customer Care Center at 1-877-HRSDPBC (477–3722) for any compensation-related questions. Salary information can also be found on the Compensation & Employee Information Services website.

Can I receive credit for my experience as a student teacher, substitute teacher, paraprofessional, or administrator?

What must I do to earn additional compensation for advanced degrees?

  • Teachers must submit official degree-conferred transcripts at the time of hire. An Advanced Degree Pay Request form (PBSD 2277) must be submitted to the Compensation & Employee Information Services Department. Once the form has been received, the transcripts will be evaluated to determine if your degree major and/or coursework is acceptable for advanced degree pay. Additional information can be found on the Compensation & Employee Information Services website. Employees should contact the Human Resources Customer Care Center at 1-877-HRSDPBC (477–3722) for any compensation-related questions.

What subject areas require Highly Qualified Status under Every Student Succeeds Act?

  • The core academic/content areas are: Elementary Education; English/Language Arts; Reading; Mathematics; Science; Foreign Languages; Music; Art; Drama; and Social Sciences (Political Science, History, Civics and Government, Economics and Geography).  Highly Qualified is defined by having certification / licensure in the area you are teaching as per the Florida Course Code Directory.

Is there a paper application I can submit instead of using PeopleSoft?

  • No, all job applications are completed online.

Should I get fingerprinted and/or drug-tested now rather than waiting until a job is offered?

  • No, you must be sent for fingerprinting and drug-testing after being issued a job offer letter. The letter will be issued by the Department of Recruitment & Retention.

Can I submit an electronic transcript instead of waiting for the school to send the official?

  • Yes, your College/University can email them directly to transcripts@palmbeachschools.org.

Does all my paperwork have to be submitted before I can be considered for a position with PBC School District?

  • No. After you have submitted an application, you can begin to submit your paperwork, but it will not be processed until an offer from the school/dept has been made.

Can I apply to the Substitute Teacher position at anytime?

  • No, the application must be open. It is open on the first business day of each month.

I have already been fingerprinted by another District or Agency. Do I still have to be fingerprinted by Palm Beach County?

  • Yes, most counties will not share the results.

Can  the status of my application be checked if I haven’t received a job offer?

  • The status can’t be checked online, but you can contact the HR Technician/Specialist that is working with the school to process your application. The secretary can tell you who that is once the position has been offered to you.

Where can I find information about becoming a substitute?

  • Click on the page Become A Substitute. All the information can be accessed from that page.

I am not able to see the NEO Forms online, why?

  • In order to see the NEO forms, you must login with the same username and password you used to apply to the position. Using Internet Explorer is preferred.

I have never worked before, what should I put down for my Employment History in the application?

  • You must indicate your work status for the past 5 years. (ex., Stay at home mom/dad, student, student teacher, never worked…..)

I input the name of my college/university in the online application, but it didn’t work. How can I find my school?

  • You must use the magnifying glass. Then select the correct state and school from the preset list.