Our Mission

From aspiring leaders to seasoned administrators, Leadership Development programs focus to improve student achievement by providing rigorous and relevant professional development opportunities.  These programs are designed to prepare and support creative and passionate leaders with interpersonal skills, communication and conceptual skills, and group leadership skills to lead schools toward improving student learning and academic growth.

Our Programs

Aspiring Leaders Program (ALP)

The Aspiring Leaders Program is designed for teacher-leaders eager to serve in a leadership capacity.  It is based on the Florida Principal Leadership Standards and focuses on effective instructional leadership for all student populations.  Capitalizing on our Strategic Plan, this program is designed to provide aspiring leaders with complex and relevant experiences to help prepare them to lead our District schools.

Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers (ECET2)

Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers is a series of teacher-led convenings that are focused on elevating, celebrating, and empowering teachers through collaboration, self-reflection, and cultivation of expertise.

Leaders Learn & Grow (LLG)

Leaders Learn & Grow is a series of optional profession learning experiences designed for current assistant principals and specialists who are interested in honing their instructional leadership capacity and skills.

Preparing New Principals (PNP)

The Preparing New Principals Program is a comprehensive two-year leadership preparation program designed for extremely motivated and highly effective assistant principals who are aspiring to become principals.  It is based on the Florida Principal Leadership Standards and capitalizes on our Strategic Plan. It is designed to provide future principals with rigorous and relevant instructional leadership experiences.

School Leader Evaluation Model

Contact Information

Dr. Laurie Riopelle

Director of Leadership Development

PX# 46839
Phone: 561-649-6839

Email: laurie.riopelle@palmbeachschools.org

Julie Walker

Leadership Development Specialist

PX# 46824
Phone: 561-649-6824

Email: julie.walker@palmbeachschools.org

Tanzanika Lillard

Leadership Development Analyst II

PX# 46806
Phone: 561-649-6806

Email: tanzanika.lillard@palmbeachschools.org