School Community Wears Purple To Show Support For Student With Pancreatic Cancer

Students, teachers and staff at Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary in Palm Beach Gardens are wearing purple to show support for Denali Botolino.  The 3rd grade student was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer during Spring Break this past March. 

Since Denali was diagnosed the school community has rallied to support him and his family.  Parents, staff, and administration of the school have held a collection of change, a “parents night out” babysitting evening, the selling of candles, a hair cut-a thon, and a variety of fundraisers to assist the family with the financial burdens.  Likewise, the school community has come together to lend moral support for Denali and the family.  After school prayer circles, communications with Denali and the family via his Facebook page “Please Pray for Denali Botolino”, sharing of home care by other parents for Denali’s brother and sisters, teachers providing school work for Denali and his siblings when they have to be away from school, and cards and letters have been sent home and to the hospitals here and now in New York City where Denali is to undergoing surgery.

“A tragic diagnosis of a deadly illness of a young boy has galvanized and united this school with the families and community it serves.  Our children and their families have displayed the love for one of their own and have shown genuine understanding and care for Denali and his family,” said Dwight D. Eisenhower Principal Jim Pegg.  “As the school’s principal I am extremely proud of what our school community has done for one of their own in his time of need.  Though this has all been done for Denali and his family it is really bigger than that.  It has been about the sharing of love and responsibility to your fellow man.  I am proud to be associated with the school and so many good hearted people.”

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