Jupiter High Embraces All During Annual Foreign Language Project Fair and World Showcase

As Mexican author and philosopher Carlos Fuentes wrote, “It is important to embrace the other,” that is to say, “the person who is unlike yourself.” This idea is the concept that drives Jupiter High School’s Foreign Language Project Fair and World Showcase each year. This year’s event, celebrated on February 10 as part of Foreign Language Week, took place in the cafeteria and auditorium from 6 to 8:30 PM to embrace Hispanic and American Sign Language’s cultures. Some 950 culture projects made by students in American Sign Language and Spanish classes were on display at the Project Fair in the cafeteria. The World Showcase, which took place in the auditorium, celebrated the music and dance of Hispanic and American cultures through solos, duets, instrumentals, and dance numbers by the Jupiter High School Hispanic Dance Troupe.

“This was our tenth year to celebrate Foreign Language Week,” estimated Leigh Clark, who chaired the event. “We have changed the week’s activities over the years and the way we conduct our celebration, but our goals have always been the same—to expose our students to cultural beliefs and practices which are different from our own within the Hispanic and deaf communities and to embrace them and to grow in tolerance, understanding and acceptance of people who are unlike us in their history and cultural practices.”

Prizes were awarded by each foreign language teacher per level of study, and a “Best in Show” trophy was awarded at the ceremony’s end. For American Sign Language (ASL) teacher Christine Podlesnik, ASL I winners included 1st place–Austin Welsh, 2nd place—Andrew Haller, and 3rd place–Hannah McCartney. For ASL 2, winners included 1st place—Alex Price, 2nd place–Abigale Pruitt; and 3rd place–Tia Wrigley. For ASL 3, winners included for 1st place–Stone Wharton, 2nd place–Brendan McGinnis, and 3rd place– Charlotte Gardner. Finally, for ASL 4, prize winners included for 1st place—Shayna Davis, Meghan Davis, and Courtney Carpentiere; 2nd place Tori Sanchez, and 3rd place Grant Brestle. All of the projects dealt with famous deaf persons or aspects of deaf culture.

For Spanish I, teacher Teresita Iglesias awarded the following students prizes: 1st Place– William Joyce for his Glass Figure of Picasso’s Bull Fight III representing Spain; 2nd Place–Victoria Wilson for her Model of Angel Falls, Venezuela; and 3rd Place–Katelyn Walther for her Talavera Turtle in clay from Mexico. Honorable Mention awards given by Iglesias went to Emily Silverberg, Kellie Reeves, Natalia Cereceda, Amanda Banegas, Thomas Polese, Zachary Pergeorelis, Corey Coffey, Matthew Cummings, Hunter Daniels, Darielle Libby, Ellen Gross, Maren Stack, Nicholas Shoupp, Samantha Spinelli, Kerrianne Phillips, Grant Goby, Sarah Stamos, Tai Blomberg, Zachary Graves, Tyler Lunsford, Alexandria Bretz, Zachary Wilson and Badwi Sawma.

For Spanish I, teacher Lourdes Prachyl also made awards. 1st place—Maddie Middleton for her model of a llama; 2nd place Hannah De Ruysscher for her national bird of Cuba mosaic, and 3rd place to Gabrielle DiGirolamo, for her drawing of a Chilean woman.

Honorable Mention awards went to Lung San Wang, Tori Pankewich, Matthew Schreiber, Anne Marie Knoop, Sarah Armengau, Taylor Liggett, Nikki Nicholaou, Molly Webb and Anderson Herrera.

Spanish 1 teacher Doris Carlin made the following award presentations at Thursday’s ceremony: 1st place–Evan Carbonell, for his Paraguay Art; 2nd place–Lars Coughlin for his Pueblito Paisa; and 3rd place to Trent Brower, for his Cathedral of Cuzco model. Honorable Mention winners include Jeremiah Aiken, Joseph Wahlen, Abigail Baur, Ashlyn Breen, Nicole Burich, Stephanie Byrne, Emily Pickering, Nolan Demer, Samantha Llodra, Morgan Mcguire, Francisco Scilabro, Joel Bennett, Bryanna Lyons, Victoria Ahrenholz, Daisy Badgley, Jake Newman, Robert Robison, and Alexis Stuart.

Spanish 2 teacher Michael Justice awarded 1st place to Ryan Cary for his drawing pencil sketch, a copy of a work by contemporary artist Jorge Ribalta of Spain, well-known for his sketches of animals, common people and political cartoons; 2nd place to Kelly Byrne, for her copy of a painting by the modern artist Marco Tulio of Colombia; and 3rd place to Evelyn Romo, as a member of the Hispanic Dance Troupe.

For Spanish 2, teacher Gianina Ireland made the following award presentations: 1st place to Casey Coffey for a model of Puerta de Alcalá in Spain and 2nd place tie to Kristina Goodman, for a model of Parc de la Ciutadella and Hannah Baldwin for a model of La Giralda. Honorable mention winners included: Sam Pickerill, Sian Hoctor, Lauren Arnold, Camryn Sartory, Veronica Smith, Kayla Fisher, Kaitlyn Silverberg, Lindsey Azrak, and Riley Cobo.

For Spanish 3 and Spanish 2, teacher Jacqueline Lyons awarded prizes for Level 3 to the following students: 1st place–Chase Goldsborough; 2nd place–Stephanie England and a 3rd place tie to Wellsley Brown and Cami Cupples. In Level 2, winners included 1st place–Ryan Goebel; 2nd place–Chase Troiano; and 3rd place–Jessica Cothern. Honorable Mention winners included Garrett Abrahamson, Sadie Textor, Thomas Baker, Veronica Gall, Melissa Coensen, Shelpy Pearce, Ana Vincent, Becky Meiser, Orianna Marquez, Griffin Prus, Bridget Ferguson, Jared Greenfeld, Melissa Spaeth, and Gina Cassulo. The Best in Show Award was given to Lyons’ student Chase Goldsborough for his recreation of a Dalí painting.

Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 teacher Juan Claudio made the following award presentations.

In Spanish 2, 1st place–Patrick Kreiger for his model of an Easter Island moai; 2nd place–Matthew Leavitt for his model of Tikal Temple; and 3rd place–Garreth Aiken for his painting of Cristóbal Rojas. Honorable Mention winners included Cameron Cohen,

Shelby Barnett, Brittney Dubinsky, Laira Estrella, Selena Harman, Kira Harding and Tara Nelson. Spanish 3 winners included 1st place–Rachalle Cucca for a copy of Dalí’s Persistence of memory; 2nd place–Kristin Donechie for her model of the Fort of San Cristóbol, Puerto Rico; and 3rd place–Tyler Mulcahy for a model of the Carrestes of Costa Rica. Honorable mention winners were Rachel Hernandez, Brianna Scheppke, Nina Cusmano, Caitlin Wolfe, Allie Veit, Alyssa Marov, Joey Lurvey, and Callahan Brown.

Spanish 3 and Spanish 4 teacher Leigh Clark also awarded students for their work. For Spanish 3, the following awards were announced: 1st place–Travis Smith, Mola in wood; tie for 2nd place between April Graham, Whale Shark of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and Caitlin Crump, Costa Rican Pot; 3rd place, Lauren May, Sagrada Familia Cathedral Stained Glass Window. Honorable mention winners included Mary Benjamin, Andrew Michols, Jillian Guthrie, Margaret Kelly, Rebecca Chew, Ashley Jacobs, Patrick O’Neill, Kacie Muelas, Chris Volker, Taylor Gardner, Blakely Keyser, Andrea Parra; Louis Schoebel, Areli Murillo; Justin Mendiguren; María José Gavilanes, Elisabeth Isner and Demi Musgrove.

In Spanish 4 class, students made oral reports on Hispanic historical figures to celebrate Foreign Language Week. Students selected as winners included1st place–Julia Montejo, Rigoberta Menchú; 2nd place–Shannon Kelly, Frida Kahlo; and 3rd place–Jessica Goebel, Pablo Picasso. The Honorable Mention winners were Jeanette Brown, Kelsey O’Brien, Damian Gonzalez, Karina Skeie, Gabriela Toledo, Milena Soriano, and Priscilla Lewis.

In the World Showcase event, many foreign language students performed talent on stage. ASL students who signed to American music included Jackie Cucca, Jessica Grover (“Who I Am”); Angelia Scruggs (“Everything”); Rebecca Weisbrot (“Waiting on the World to Change”); and Shayna Davis, Meghan Davis, Courtney Carpentiere, and Stone Wharton (“Don’t stop believing”). Spanish students who sang during the Showcase included Priscilla Lewis (Enamorada); Jacob Stamm and Priscilla Lewis (Buenos amigos); Erica Anclade (Don’t cry for me, Argentina); Spencer Jordan and Christina Gómez (Suerte). Instrumentalists included Luna Nuñez and Dylan Kirschenbaum on guitar and Elizabeth Isner on piano. The audience was treated to a rock band rendition of Carlos Santana’s “Smooth” courtesy of band members Jacob Thayer, Corey Surette, Shane Fahey, Dillon Surette, and Priscilla Lewis.

The Hispanic Dance Troupe, under the direction of Lourdes Prachyl and Doris Carlin, performed several numbers including a merengue from the Dominican Republic; the cueca from Chile; the rumba from Cuba; the bachata from the Dominican Republic; the flamenco from Spain and a modern interpretive dance. Dancers included Christina Schuler, Candace Antezana, Luz Barrios, Natalia Bejarano, Alma Cabrera, Natalie Castro, Juan Cisneros, Rosana Cruz, Briggin Díaz, Patrick Condon, Daniel Dávila, Jesús López-Cordero, Amanda Mallette, Mercedes Mateo, Carmin Composeco, Anthony Ortega, Alfredo Ramos, Elvia Romo, Evelin Romo, Griselda Serrano, Gabriela Toledo, Cristal Sicard, Nicolle Bisono, Fer Viscaíno and Samantha Sicard. They had practiced since September, and their hard work was applauded often by the appreciative audience.

The Jupiter High School Foreign Language Project Fair and World Showcase reflects the School District’s focus and success in encouraging all students to become active and productive citizens in the community and around the world.

For more information please contact Ms. Clark at 561-744-7900 or clarkle@palmbeach.k12.fl.us .