Gladeview Elementary Receives "A" Grade and AYP Following State Investigation – Christa McAuliffe Middle Earns "A" Grade Following State Recalculation

The Florida Department of Education has notified Superintendent Bill Malone that it has concluded its investigation into erasure patterns on students’ test answer sheets and resolved potential issues related to testing procedures at Gladeview Elementary School. 

The result of the State investigation is that the school grade and AYP status for this school have been recalculated,  and a school grade of “A” and an AYP status of “Yes” for 2011 have been issued for the school.

Glade View had been issued an “I” (incomplete data) for the 2011 school grade and AYP status as a result of the investigation.

“We are delighted that the school has earned its rightful place among the highest performing schools in Palm Beach County and the entire state, said Superintendent Bill Malone.

“The students, parents, teachers and staff can be proud of their hard work, and they deserved to have the air cleared of any hint of wrongdoing,” he said.

“I am ecstatic for the students, teachers and community,”said Gladeview Principal Linda Edgecomb.  “They’ve worked so hard, and they deserve this recognition. Our goal is to get an A for this year as well,” she said.

Gladeview has earned  two A’s, a B and a C in  the last four years, according to the District’s most recent executive summary of FCAT scores.
The State also issued a new school grade of “A” for Christa McAuliffe Middle School.

The Department of Education had issued an “I” (incomplete data), as a result of missing answer booklets that were shipped to the wrong location during the processing of test materials. The Department of Education has since received the missing test scores and recalculated the school grade, resulting in a 2011 school grade of “A” and an AYP status of “No” (92% criteria met) for 2011.

“I’m excited. It’s exactly what we expected,” said Principal Faith Ann Cheek. “Every indication was that the school would keep its A because of our high scores in Writing and Science,” she said.

“We’re very happy for Christa McAuliffe students, teachers, parents and community,” said Malone. “They  are continuing their level of excellence that they have maintained for years.”  

Christa McAuliffe has earned an A each year for the last four years, according to the District’s most recent executive summary of FCAT scores.

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