Elbridge Gale Elementary Receives Visit from Popular Fitness Character

Adventure-to-FitnessMr. Marc, one of the characters from “Adventure to Fitness” will be at Elbridge Gale Elementary on Thursday, December 15th, 2011 starting at 9:30 a.m. All students will be meeting under the outdoor pavilion during their 40 minute Fine Arts break. 

This visit is being planned as a reward to recognize Elbridge Gale as being number one in the US for Adventures to Fitness usage.  Elbridge Gale has 19,075 total minutes of use since school started in August.  

“Students and Teachers love getting fit and watching the videos every day! This is a great program that allows everyone in our school to enjoy physical activities,” said Mrs. Gail Pasterczyk, Principal.  

Adventure to Fitness is an age appropriate co-curricular programming stream into classrooms immersing students in an exciting world of fun and adventure. Interactive 30 minute of moderate to vigorous activity take place right in the classroom. Segmented into a warm up, adventure and cool down this tool allows physical activity to expand into the general education classroom.  

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