Spanish River High Sponsors National Day Of Awareness Of No Texting And Driving

Spanish RiverSpanish River High School of Boca Raton, Florida announces its leadership of a grassroots effort to bring awareness to the dangers of texting and driving, by sponsoring an event that brings together over 8,000 schools and millions of students across the nation in one combined voice to save lives of their classmates.  

Spanish River High School (SRHS), a community-leading school in Boca Raton, Florida, has announced the School’s sponsoring of a National Day of Awareness to Not Text and Drive. The nationwide event will take place on March 10, 2012. The event, co-sponsored by Phoneguard and Channel One News, will be held at the Spanish River Campus in Boca Raton, and be televised in various markets across the United States Boca Raton-based PhoneGuard, Inc. who has partnered up with two-time Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Justin Bieber,  has developed a smart phone application which disables a phone’s texting functions whenever it detects the driver moving more than 10 miles per hour. Including the mobile application, PhoneGuard has a full suite of safety products that backs into a web-based portal for family peace of mind. 

Channel One News is the leading news network for teens nationwide. The dynamic 12-minute news broadcast is delivered daily to millions of teens in approximately 8,000 middle schools and high schools across the country. Channel One provides global and national headlines from a teen perspective. Channel One will broadcast 3 weeks of Public Service announcements featuring Justin Bieber, the School’s advocate to Not Text and Drive, leading up to the National Day Of Awareness on March 10th. 

The nationwide effort is the brainchild of Spanish River Sophomore Class President, Ross Brenner and Class Vice-President Dalton Holody, working in conjunction with the school’s Student Leadership Program, faculty, parental advisory team, and newly appointed Principal, William Latson. 

“This is a grassroots effort to send a message amongst our peers, to our fellow students, parents, and community leaders across the nation, that we need to come together and be responsible to our friends, family, and ourselves to Not Text and Drive….we need to save lives….” says Brenner, the event Chairman. 

“We are grateful to PhoneGuard, Channel One and all our supporters for their incredible contribution and partnerships. We will use every available means at our disposal to send our shared message across the country, starting with Channel One News, along with our Facebook and Twitter. Justin Bieber is in full support of “no texting while driving” and continues to campaign with PhoneGuard and Remember Alex Brown Foundation ( via interviews with local and national media, and news outlets…” added Brenner. 

“This is ‘Ground Zero’, and we are asking students as well as parents to sign a pledge not to text and drive, download the Phoneguard app, and become part of this movement” stated Holody, Sophomore Vice President. 

The effort has the full support of Boca Raton Mayor Susan Whelchel and City Council, Boca Raton Police Department, U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch, State Representative Irv Slosberg, The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB), The Alex Brown Foundation, and 23 regional Anti-texting groups in various parts of the country. 

The initial announcement of the Day of Awareness is expected to also be adjoined by the announcement of the ‘New Cool’ Rewards program, which will reward pledge members with media downloads, VIP experiences, and special event opportunities, at no cost to the students and families, as a means to reward the commitment to Not Text and Drive.  

The reward programs will carry-over into an annual program, extending incentives to those who make the pledge, with sponsor-provided extreme vacation getaways over a 13 month period. The reward promotion program also offers monthly VIP Concert Tickets, and flights and accommodations, at venues around the Unites States. The program’s promotion is highlighted by a week long ‘Taste Tour of Italy’ courtesy of PortaVia Italian Kitchen, Keys2Cash Instant Rewards, Ocean Properties, ProntoJet and Virgin Atlantic Airlines. 

“It’s a badly needed life saving message, one we support.  By encouraging pledges, we hope to create a reward like no other, and make those who support the cause part of the event and celebration.” stated Charles Coleman, President of ProntoJet. 

The music festival is being produced by Global Maximus Productions and will be made available “Live” around the world.  The event is being streamed “Live” at deep discount to the supporting public, to endorse the program and encourage national subscriptions to the events’ ceremonies and entertainment. 

“Our artists are very excited about showcasing their talents to the world, and for a great cause.  If we motivate one person to just think before they text and drive, and save one single life, then we have won.”  Randall James, CEO-Global Maximus Records.

One lucky subscriber, along with three friends subscribing to the viewing, will qualify for a chance to win a free trip to the National Day of Awareness. The winners will be flown by private jet, courtesy of ProntoJet, to hang out back stage with the artists and celebrities attending the event. 

The star-studded National “Day of Awareness” March 10th will feature a test track where attendees from around the region can experience the distractions and impairment of texting while driving. The City of Boca Raton is sponsoring a Food Truck Food-a-thon featuring a wide selection of the most well known Food Trucks in South Florida. 

The event will also feature various sponsor booths including the National Transportation and Safety Board, Best Foot Forward Foundation, Purple America, Channel One, PhoneGuard among others, expected to aid in the festival themed awareness event. 

The event will be capped by an afternoon through evening Interactive Music Concert produced by Global Maximus Productions. The concert is featuring rising stars Ryan Toby & ‘BadHorse’. Other nationally known and local artists, across all contemporary genres, will perform. Local and regional groups and individual artists will compete for the golden opportunity to record their music with and be distributed by Global Maximus Records (GMR). 

Global Maximus Record executives will ask the crowd to participate in selecting the best of the local artists participating in the event. The crowd, by level of applause, will provide that group or individual a full recording contract with Global Maximus Records-Nashville. 

Spanish River has been working with various celebrities, sports figures, politicians, musicians, and entertainers to be on hand in support of the event. The celebrity attendees will offer messages on the importance of Texting Responsibly, and never while driving. The celebrities will also sign autographs, take photographs, and speak via video conference to students across the nation via the interactive broadcast. 

If you have any questions, or would like to contact PhoneGuard, please email or call Dylan Rossi – Vice President of Business Development at: Office: 561.314.3466, email:

If you have any questions, or would like to contact Global Maximus Records, please email or call Randall James- Chairman at (615)-967-8048 or email