District Students Win College-sponsored Merit Scholarships

 The following graduating seniors are among 2500 students nationwide who have been selected to receive college-sponsored National Merit scholarships.

Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Jillian T. Adams   Delray Beach resident  University of Florida Probable career field: Research

Donald W. Meyers, IV   Wellington resident  University of Florida  Probable career field: Materials Science

Courtney S. Wayne       Jupiter resident    University of Miami   Probable career field: Research

Atlantic High School

Rebecca S. Abraham      Atlantis resident   University of Florida               Probable career field: Biomedicine/Research

Laura N. Vander Meiden    Boca Raton resident  University of Miami   Probable career field: Marine Biology

Boca Raton Community High School

Daniel J. Livingston       Boca Raton resident   University of Florida      Probable career field: Computer Science/Engineering

Jupiter Community High School

Alexa M. Rimmer  Jupiter resident   Florida State University  Probable career field:  Law

Spanish River Community High School

Ariel B. Brown     Boca Raton resident  Tufts University Probable career field: Surgical Medicine

Suncoast Community High School

John C. Trimble   Palm Beach Gardens resident   University of Florida    Probable career field: Finance

West Boca Raton Community High School

Evan J. Dorundo  Boca Raton resident  University of Central Florida Probable career field:  Computer Science

Officials of each sponsor college chose their scholarship winners from among the Finalists in the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Program who plan to attend tehir institution.  The awards provide between $500 and $2,000 annually for up to four years of undergraduate study.