Hulett Has A Heart For HEART

Last fall Tim Hulett, owner and CEO of Hulett Environmental Services, read about homeless students here in Palm Beach County. He immediately called the School District’s HEART (Homeless Education Assistance Resource Team) in Safe Schools/Student Intervention Services.  HEART serves homeless students and their families which have rights in regards to public education mandated by the McKinney-Vento federal law.

Mr. Hulett invited members of HEART to present to his leadership team about how to help homeless students: the issues, concerns, and unmet needs. His team devoted well over an hour listening and then convened to talk about how to assist.  Just before the holidays, Hulett Environmental Services made a generous donation of $5,000 through the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County to help our homeless students and youth. In addition, Mr. Hulett has personally mentored a homeless student and helped him with a football camp scholarship.

Mr. Hulett and his team have stayed in touch with HEART, and recently donated an additional $6,974.60 to the Education Foundation for HEART.  The donations to HEART help the neediest students in our district.

HEART is made up of a group of committed social service professionals who help homeless children and youth enroll, attend, and succeed in school. Each school in every geographic area of the District is served, as well as family homeless shelters, and state identified “neglected” shelter sites. The team serves homeless children and youth, unaccompanied youth, students awaiting foster care placement, and those “aging-out” of the foster care system.

For more information, please contact Margaret Kallman with the Department of Safe Schools/ Student Intervention Services at or click here  to see how you can help.