Media Release: Superintendent Encourages Acts of Kindness for National Bullying Prevention Month

October marks the beginning of National Bullying Prevention month – a month set aside to raise awareness about the problem of bullying in our communities.

I want to thank all of our schools for taking the time to recognize this event in some way.

However, bullying prevention isn’t just a school issue – it’s a community issue.
We can all stand up to bullying, first, by reporting it when we see it, and second, by being kind to one another.


I’d like to challenge every person in our District – students, staff, parents, everyone – to recognize this month by also focusing on deliberate acts of kindness.


It costs us nothing to be kind to one another, so I challenge you to go out of your way, once a day, to extend an act of kindness to someone around you during the month of October.


Let’s model the behaviors we want to see, and make this month a bullying prevention month we will never forget.


I’d also like to hear about how your simple acts of kindness are having an impact on you – so feel free to share with me at
Donald E. Fennoy II
Superintendent, School District of Palm Beach County