College Board Offers up to $5M in Scholarships

College Board Offers up to $5M in Scholarships to High School Juniors
Posted on 04/10/2019
College Board Offers up to $5M in Scholarships

The application process for college can be a challenge for students. High school juniors can get on track and earn up to $40K in scholarships simply by completing six important steps to prepare for college.

The Opportunity Scholarships program, offered by the College Board, guides students through the college planning process and gives them a chance to earn money for each action they complete. For instance: for completing a College List online in Big Future, students can earn $500 in the first scholarship drawing; practicing for the SAT using Khan Academy, can earn students $1,000.

Overall, $5M is available for the class of 2020 and students can be eligible for up to $40K if they complete all the six steps of college planning. Each of the six action steps makes juniors eligible for multiple scholarship drawings of varying amounts.

These Opportunity Scholarships help students plan for college, reward hard work, have no GPA requirements or family income requirements, and do not require an essay or application; students simply get rewarded for the work they’re already doing to prepare for and apply to college. 

Palm Beach County is one of twenty-nine school districts currently participating in a challenge from the Council of Great City Schools to get as many juniors as possible to take advantage of the Opportunity Scholarships program.

“We hope to encourage all high school juniors to complete the first two action steps - building a college list and practicing for SAT on Khan Academy - by the end of May,” said Becky Youngman, Manager for College Readiness in the Division of Teaching and Learning at the School District of Palm Beach County.

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