Mural at John I. Leonard High School

Students Draw on Their Passion for Learning as Inspiration for Mural at John I. Leonard High School
Posted on 04/26/2019
Some students at John I Leonard High School

Yalixandra Ortiz, is an International Spanish Academy (ISA) student who was put in charge of designing the mural for her school’s social studies building. Ortiz was given some guidelines and expectations for the mural by Rosa Curbelo, an ISA teacher who supervised the process and assisted Ortiz during the design and painting.

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The mural is a visual representation of the school mascot, a Lancer. Woven into the design are elements depicting nature, student diversity, the school’s motto, and patriotism. The mural represents the creativity of the students and the commitment of their teachers, effectively capturing the pride and passion of the students in the International Spanish Academy.

“We use one of the phrases of our slogan, be respectful and always be your best," Curbelo said. “On the armor, you can see three palm tree fronds, which represent Palm Beach County.”

“It is an incredible piece of art,” said Daisy Lord, Choice Coordinator at John I. Leonard High School. “The students are so very talented, and of course, it is all due to an amazing teacher who is a visionary!”

International Spanish Academy Mural

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