What Carver MS is Doing to Help the Environment

What Carver MS is Doing to Help the Environment
Posted on 04/23/2019

Students at Carver Middle School are getting excited about a new program that is generating solutions for healthy eating and the overall well-being of humans. Over the past year, local non-profit WiseTribe has committed itself to developing a sustainable green program at Carver Middle.

Through WiseTribe, Carver Middle has implemented new gardening technology, overhauled the school's landscape, created upcycled structures like the garden gate, developed food waste programs at the school, started the first Sustainability Club in the District, and created new cooking classes based on the food students are growing.

Carver kids cooking.Jamor Morissette, a student and junior WiseTribe 
member, recently appeared with WiseTribe founder Jacqueline Botting on WPTV to discuss the benefits of their food waste program.  

“Once students are done with their lunch, they take their leftover fruits and vegetables and place them in compost bins to help make new dirt for our plants,” Morissette said.

Morissette is a committed member of the team who brought in loads of plastics to help with the Garden Gate Project. He also volunteered for five straight weekends to get the project off the ground.

“We are honored to be partners in building a better future and fostering young, wise, caring, and forward-thinking leaders at Carver Middle School,” Botting said.

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