AVID Sets Students up For Success

AVID Sets Students up For Success
Posted on 04/29/2020

For AVID Awareness Week, students and staff are virtually celebrating all of the benefits the AVID System provides students, including improved organizational skills, critical thinking strategies, and encouragement to pursue higher education.

“AVID has helped me become a better person, a better speaker,” said Lashawn, a student at Palm Beach Lakes Community High School who is in the AVID Elective class. “It has helped me challenge myself. It has helped me apply for scholarships I never knew that I could apply for.”

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is offered in 66 elementary and secondary schools in Palm Beach County with more than 59,000 students having some experience with AVID Schoolwide and 3,200 students enrolled in AVID as an elective class.

AVID College Readiness System prepares students for college by providing academic and social support while holding students accountable for their success.

“You can see the impact [of AVID] right away,” said Laura Rounds, AVID Program Planner for the School District.

Rounds says that AVID Elementary is open to any student, but the AVID Elective in Secondary is open to the “student in the middle’, or students who need additional support while taking rigorous coursework.

There are a variety of factors that each school will review. She says that AVID Site Teams do a fantastic job of selecting students who would benefit the most from AVID because they would be first-generation college students or need close-family structure in their academic and personal lives.

“It motivates you to do bigger and better things when you graduate,” said Aura, an AVID student. “My classmates are very motivational.”

Rounds says that during distance learning, the familial connection, structure, and skills taught in AVID are even more important. Skills that are stressed in the AVID system, such as time management, are essential for students who are balancing coursework while studying from home.

“Students are really showing up and seeking support not only with their AVID work, but with other coursework as well,” Rounds said.

Rounds stresses that the close connections students have in their AVID system can be seen online. “We can do everything we do in school, online. It's just a little different,” Rounds said. “ We are keeping up the consistency with students and their teachers and it’s keeping that AVID family connected.”

See how AVID is benefitting students and teachers in Palm Beach County throughout AVID Awareness Week by searching for the hashtag #AVIDPBC on Twitter.

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