Career Inspiration on Ethical Governance Day

Students Get Career Inspiration on Ethical Governance Day
Posted on 04/27/2022
Organizers and speakers value this time to interact with students

Students at William T. Dwyer High School had the opportunity to speak with members of local government, lawmakers, attorneys, and other area professionals, asking them about the ups and downs of being an elected official or civil servant in Palm Beach County.

During the school’s Ethical Governance Day, professionals spent time talking with students about how government works and what it takes to operate under a strict ethical code. Ethical Governance Day events take place at a different high school throughout the school year, and are organized by District 4 School Board member Erica Whitfield and 15th Judicial Circuit Court Judge, Samantha Schosberg Feuer.

“We think it’s very important to have transparency in government,” Whitfield said. “We bring judges, elected officials, attorneys, and other leaders to the students to talk about what it’s like to be in government, to answer their questions about the legal system and describe what they do in their jobs every day.”

Sophia DeMara is a 12th grade student at Dwyer High who plans to major in wildlife conservation and ecology and use her work to help shape environmental public policy. “Meeting the county commissioners, school board members, and assistant state attorney, and getting to ask them questions and seeing them as real people is amazing. They help me see my career goals as truly achievable,” she said.

Organizers and speakers value this time to interact with students and help them understand more about government and how it affects everyone’s lives. 

“Erica Whitfield and I are both passionate about speaking to students and having students understand the importance of ethical government, public service, what our careers are and how for me, personally, courts are open to the public and open for kids to come see and understand what happens in the jury trial system and the justice system,” Judge Schosberg Feuer said.   

District 1 School Board member, Barbara McQuinn, and District 2 School Board member, Alexandria Ayala, also shared their experiences with students. The event gave the students a chance to ask great questions about their career paths, current events, voting, jury service, and other civil service-related topics.

“I think the program was very inspiring and it made me reflect on how I think the politicians in our area work,” said Jackson Gregory, a 10th grade student at Dwyer High. 

Organizers and speakers value this time to interact with students

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