Communication With the Hispanic/Latino Community

Elevating Communication With the Hispanic/Latino Community
Posted on 04/08/2022
Daisey Cedeno and Jesus Cruz

Engagement with Hispanic students, parents, and community members is set to expand, thanks to the newest member of the School District’s Education Network and Communications department.

Daisy Cedeno joined the School District of Palm Beach County in March 2022, the next chapter of her 18-year career in broadcasting. Cedeno has worked as a producer, anchor, and reporter for Hispanic America Inc., serving several radio stations on the east coast.

“I am beyond excited and humbled to be joining Team Palm Beach,” Cedeno said. “My passion for communications, education, and leadership, together with my desire to impact our future generations fuels me every day.”

Her focus will be on sharing important, engaging information with Spanish-speaking families. As a bilingual broadcaster, Cedeno knows the value of providing information to audiences in the language they know, and in a manner that is familiar.

With her breadth of knowledge, Cedeno will contribute to the District’s Spanish social media accounts on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, as well as provide stories and articles on the District’s website and weekly newsletter geared toward Spanish-speaking parents. Additionally, her reporting will be featured on The Education Network’s weekly Spanish-language program, “Infórmense”, along with Jesus Cruz, Engagement Specialist for the Hispanic community.

As the mother of two children who attend school in the District, Cedeno has a personal commitment and dedication to what happens in the District, to go along with the expertise she brings to her professional role.

Cedeno is well known in the area, having worked with members of the Hispanic Education Coalition, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County, and the Florida Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce for Palm Beach County. Her connections and understanding of the Hispanic community will be a valuable asset to the District’s communications efforts. 
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