Breakfast Carts

Breakfast Carts Bring Most Important Meal of the Day Straight to Students
Posted on 08/20/2019
Power Up with Breakfast

Breakfast carts at more than 40 schools welcome students and help them start their day with a smile and an on-the-go meal.

“Kids sometimes don’t have an opportunity to eat at home. It’s too rushed in the morning. Maybe there isn’t anything to eat,” said Lori Dornbusch, manager of site based operations in School Food Service. “We want kids to be able to start their day knowing there’s food available to them.”

Breakfast is always offered for free at all District schools. However, some students don’t have the time or the desire to go to the cafeteria before school starts, Dornbusch said. That’s why School Food Service launched a breakfast cart program in 2016.

The carts are placed in convenient areas, such as courtyards, bus loops, or car lines. They offer shelf-stable breakfast foods, including cereal, granola bars, or pop tarts, along with fresh fruit and milk or juice.

“They can have their breakfast and talk with their friends,” Dornbusch said. “It’s more of a social thing too.”

Breakfast carts are in place at more than 40 schools for this school year and have helped increase the number of students getting breakfast in the morning. Dornbusch said there is a strong interest from more schools to continue to grow the program.

“There are all sorts of academic tools and we want good nutrition to be one of the tools,” she said.

School Food Service has also piloted another alternative breakfast initiative to increase the number of students eating in the morning: the Breakfast in the Classroom program. Students either go through the breakfast line or breakfast is delivered straight to classrooms. They’ll then eat together while the teacher prepares for the school day.

“It gives everybody a chance to get started on the same foot,” Dornbusch said. “Once they’ve had a chance to eat, they’ve had something to drink and now, their tummy is full, they can push forward and have a good morning.”

Cypress Trails Elementary has acted as one of the pilot schools for the Breakfast in the Classroom Program. School Food Service wants to offer this option to more schools.

“This is a national push to get kids eating breakfast in the classroom,” Dornbusch said. “It helps with attendance, behavior, and cognitive learning, so it has a lot of benefits.”

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