Haitian Diaspora Federation

Haitian Diaspora Federation Taps District Employee For Important Role
Posted on 08/10/2020
Ford Eloge

Ford Eloge is a Translator/Interpreter in the Multicultural Education department, and after 25 years with the School District, he was recently selected as the Chief Delegate for the state of Florida and International Liaison by the Haitian Diaspora Federation of Florida.

The Florida chapter of the national Haitian Diaspora Federation is just one of a successful network of chapters that work together to tackle important issues facing Haitians abroad and in Haiti.

As the Chief Delegate, Eloge’s role is to support Haitian businesses within the state, and work with Haitian organizations in Florida to form coalitions that address the needs of families and children. He will also work with Haitian embassies, consulates, ministers of Haiti abroad, and the State Department on Haiti’s issues.

In his role, he will present a new development plan addressing specific needs in Haiti including security, education, health, energy, infrastructure, technology, agriculture, environment, and employment. He will engage the Haitian diaspora to be part of this initiative, by helping to open a new office in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince to assist with these important efforts.

“I am on a mission for Haiti,” Eloge said. “With this nomination, I will encourage families to get more involved and do more for their children.”

Eloge is a native of Haiti who emigrated to the United States in 1986 and specializes in issues related to immigration. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Organization Management and is currently working on a master’s in communications. In addition to owning several small businesses, he is also the co-founder of the Haitian-American Caucus of Florida, an organization based in Miami.

Along with his work in the School District, Eloge is a journalist at 101.1 FM in West Palm Beach, FL, and Radio Planet FM in New Jersey. He also volunteers at Radio Nouvelle Lumière 1340 AM, a local station in Palm Beach County. 

Eloge will assist the international Haitian Diaspora Federation in presenting issues regarding Haiti and work with other officials on the Haitian Constitution. He will also serve as an advisor to the State Department regarding Haitian issues.

“This is an ongoing conversation and for the past two weeks I already set up new delegations in several countries,” Eloge said. “Now I am working on Germany, Russia, Japan, and Senegal. This is a serious call for Haitians to be more sensitive to each other and take care of their own country.”

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