Pay Raises Approved for Substitute Teachers

Pay Raises Approved for Substitute Teachers
Posted on 08/19/2021
Teacher in a classroom with a mask

During the board meeting on August 18, the School Board approved an increase to the base hourly rate for substitute teachers. This means an increase of $1 per hour for each of the four substitute base pay levels.

The Board also approved the addition of a premium pay supplement for substitute teachers serving in designated Substitute Supplement Schools. The increased pay and supplements are effective as of August 10, 2021.

The pay increase and the added incentive of premium pay for those serving Substitute Supplement Schools, was driven by the current shortage of substitute teachers and will better position the District to be competitive in the surrounding labor market for attracting and retaining qualified candidates.

The District is currently hiring substitute teachers, and those interested can apply online. Applicants are encouraged to contact the HR Customer Care Center with any questions.


• $12.33 per hour with 30 to 59 earned college credits/hours (up from $11.33/hour).

• $12.59 per hour with an associate degree, or 60 or more earned college credits/hours (up from $11.59/hour).

• $14.39 per hour with a bachelor’s degree or higher (up from $13.39/hour).

• $14.91 per hour for retired teachers, both in and out-of-state (up from $13.91/hour).

• Additional $3 per hour to teach at Substitute Supplement Schools.

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