Pahokee Middle High Receives Award

Pahokee Middle High Receives Award for Institutional Excellence
Posted on 12/01/2020
Pahokee Middle High School

Pahokee Middle High School has received the Award for Institutional Excellence from Palm Beach Illustrated magazine. The rural Title I school has produced scholars who graduate with Honor Point Averages of 4.97, earn membership in the National Honor Society, and complete more than 400 hours of community service.

“We were elated to be nominated for the award and we are truly humbled to be selected as a winner. Winning this award is a dream come true, and we accept it on behalf of our school and the entire Glades community,” said Dr. Earlean McLemore-Golphin, the school’s Assistant Principal. “This award also provided me with confirmation that we must continue to fight for equity so our students will be empowered to be the best versions of themselves.”

The Award for Institutional Excellence honors a school that has demonstrated exemplary achievements in academic excellence and student success, has championed diversity and inclusion, and has effectively engaged in community outreach and partnerships.

Pahokee Middle High’s recent successes include improving its graduation rate from 91% in 2018 to its current rate of 95.5%, increasing the number of students receiving International Baccalaureate (IB) diplomas over the past two years, and a 2020 graduate who earned a perfect score on the ACT.

“It is the expectation that our students receive the best possible education that will lead them to opportunities to have fruitful lives and become productive members of our society and community,” Dr. McLemore-Golphin said.

“People often look down on the Glades and doubt our potential. It is my hope that this award will prove that we are doing great things that are producing great results. We believe that we are growing greatness in the Glades and this honor is proof that we can achieve great things in the classroom, on the field, and in life.” 

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