Dreaming of a Career in Sports Management?

Dreaming of a Career in Sports Management? Palm Beach Gardens HS Can Help Get You There
Posted on 02/27/2019
Students of the Sports Management and Recreation Academy at Palm Beach Gardens Community HS

With a minimum 2.5 GPA, a student can apply for the Sports Management and Recreation Academy at Palm Beach Gardens Community High School, a program that can open the door to an exciting career. The sports industry boasts professions such as managers, administrators, coaches, accountants, and executives, all of which are in demand and offer the potential for a very good salary.

The Academy exposes students to a curriculum that can lead to college degrees in sports management, marketing, recreation, health, and fitness. Students take courses that emphasize communication, problem-solving, teamwork, business, and technology as well as participating in summer internships. For additional hands-on experience, students apply their business knowledge by planning and running at least one sporting event.

“We are giving these students an advantage to one day get a job in the highly competitive sports industry,” said Joshua Arbogast, a teacher in the Academy. “Many are drawn to jobs in sports because it's exciting, but these kids are learning about all the different opportunities and the steps needed to separate themselves from all other job applicants."

During their time in the Academy, students focus on a particular aspect of the industry, depending on their grade level:

• Freshman Year - All students are certified in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. 

• Sophomore Year - The Sports Side of Business: A curriculum tied into a number of sports examples, with a basis in business. 

• Junior Year - Sports Event Planning: Students will learn about different events and opportunities before planning, coordinating, and running the Arty Falk Golf Classic. 

• Senior Year - Project-based Sports Curriculum: Examination of college-level case studies.

"I love sports and I've always been interested in the business side of sports. The freedom to learn through projects along with the unforgettable field trips to all the sports arenas in South Florida separates us from all other magnet programs,” said Ashley Klein, a student in the Academy. 

“Being the student co-chairperson for the Arty Falk Golf Classic has taught me how to conduct myself in a professional manner and be a leader in the classroom. Anyone who likes sports and wants to work in the industry should definitely apply. I wouldn't trade these experiences and memories for anything," she said.

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