Middle School Pre-Law Academy Trains Students

Middle School Pre-Law Academy Trains Students For Successful Criminal Justice Careers
Posted on 02/26/2019
Students in Jeaga Middle Pre-Law Academy

Since August 2009, a Pre-Law Academy has been available to students at Jeaga Middle School. The Academy is a unique and innovative program that allows students to examine the concepts of the American legal system through a collaborative, inquiry-based learning process.

“Students have an opportunity to learn about and choose a career path in law, criminal justice, and other related careers,” said Dorothy Vereen, the Career and Technical Education Coordinator for the Academy. “Students can continue the program through high school and develop more extensive knowledge about the judicial system.” 

Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students can participate in the program and receive instruction in a curriculum designed to examine the issues related to legal studies. The curriculum is presented through core classes as well as the study of law history, the judicial system, and constitutional law.

In addition to preparing students for careers as lawyers, the Academy also grooms them to pursue occupations across the spectrum of law enforcement and criminal justice, such as medical examiner, paralegal, court reporter, sociologist, and a crime scene investigator, to name a few.

Students in the Academy have attended field trips to the Palm Beach County Courthouse, and participated in mock trial events and lecture series at District high schools. In the past, Palm Beach County Commissioner Keith James, a Harvard-trained lawyer, paid a visit to the school to speak to students in the Academy.

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