New Student Support Website Available!

How 'Caring First' Puts Critical Services at Your Fingertips
Posted on 02/29/2020
Caring First Logo

An important new website called Caring First is now available for students, parents, teachers, and staff.

The Caring First site was developed to remove barriers for students and families by providing information and access to services that improve the social, emotional, behavioral, and academic development of all students. The site provides valuable service and support information covering the following 14 areas:

• Attendance
• Bullying Prevention • Mental Health and Wellness
• Child Abuse and Neglect • Social-Emotional Learning
• Counseling • Student Safety
• Families New to the U.S. • Substance Abuse Prevention
• Foster Care • Suicide Prevention
• Homelessness • Teen Parents

Helpful links, resources, and information are also provided for community-based behavioral health agencies that partner with the School District to provide additional services to students and families.

The Caring First website can be accessed through the School District home page, via school websites, or directly here:
Caring First website.

The School District of Palm Beach County