Student Earns Top in World Distinction

Student Earns Top in World Distinction on International Exam
Posted on 02/05/2020
Ayumi Nunes

Two years after moving to Florida from Brazil for a better education, Ayumi Nunes ranks “Top in World” on the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Travel and Tourism exam, an accomplishment for her and Boca Raton Community High School.

“Ayumi is a very intelligent girl and her writing is phenomenal, but really, there’s this identifiable characteristic that she’s a great leader,” said Jordan Victor, an AICE Travel and Tourism teacher at Boca High.

AICE is an international curriculum offered through Cambridge. The School District of Palm Beach County was recently honored with the Cambridge District of the Year Award. Boca High has one of the largest AICE programs in the District and the world, offering a variety of rigorous courses which enable students to receive college credit.

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Getting a solid education and going to college is exactly why Nunes moved to the United States from Brazil. A junior at Boca High, her drive led her to seek out advanced coursework and she is currently taking four AICE classes and two AP classes.

In the AICE Travel and Tourism class which she took last school year, students are tasked with planning and managing a real-world tourism event in small teams. They have to conduct a feasibility study, write up a business plan and marketing plan, execute the event, and then collect feedback from participants.

Nunes’ group includes other students from Brazil, and they decided to take Brazilian tourists to the Everglades, including some of Nunes’ family members visiting from Brazil.

“One of our aims during this project was to educate visitors about the largest ecosystem in Florida,” Nunes said. “At least for my family members, none of them actually visited the Everglades before, even though they’ve been to Florida multiple times.”

The group coordinated the event at the Sawgrass Recreation Park in January 2019. The visitors went on an airboat ride and toured an animal exhibit.

“I definitely learned how to be more lenient as a leader and a better team member,” Nunes said. “It was a very hard experience because I was the leader of the group, but I was also dealing with my friends, so there’s a very fine line that you have to exceed the expectations and maintain your friendships.”

The students in the group receive the same grade for the shared work for the project. Nunes’ group received a perfect score. Students then individually evaluate and analyze feedback from the tourists and write recommendations.

“Ayumi did exceptional in that, and it’s what put her points above her teammates,” Victor said.

Nunes excelled in the exam, earning the “Top in World” award in AICE Travel and Tourism, a rewarding experience, given all of her hard work.

“As a school, we’re very proud when our students do so well,” said Ilene Cahan, Cambridge AICE Coordinator for Boca High. “It’s certainly something she can put on her college application that makes her stand out compared to other students.”

Nunes also received the Cambridge Scholar Award with Distinction, thanks to the straight A’s she earned on all four of her AICE exams. 

Eight students in the District earned “Top in Country” on their AICE exams in various subjects, including two students from Boca High, two students from Jupiter High, three students from Olympic Heights High, and one student from Palm Beach Central High.

A total of 573 students will be recognized on Feb. 27, 2020 at a Cambridge Scholar Award ceremony at the Kravis Center. If students earn an AICE diploma by passing a certain number of AICE exams and also complete 100 hours of community service, they become eligible for the Bright Futures Academic Scholars Award, regardless of their GPA, SAT, or ACT scores.

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