$150,000 Raised For Schools

More Than $150,000 Raised For Schools Through Virtual Fundraising
Posted on 02/12/2021
Power of Purpose

Over the past few months, Power of Purpose (PoP) has helped some School District of Palm Beach County schools raise more than $150,000 in much-needed funds, through its 100% Virtual STEAM Engine Fundraising program.

The organization’s online donation platform allows friends and family to support students by helping schools obtain valuable resources that benefit Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) programs.

PoP completes 95% of the work and schools get to enjoy 100% of the fun. STEAM Engine bills itself as igniting the power of students’ imaginations and helping them build a better future. Features of the program include:

• $2,000 upfront donation directly to the school.

• Online, donation-based fundraising.

• Effort-based prize structure (kids earn prizes regardless of the amount of money raised).

• Program can be customized to a school’s particular needs.

• Minimal class time interruption.

PoP’s virtual fundraising programs are raising $1,000 – $5,000 for District schools, with fundraising amounts continuing to increase.

“The company’s goal is to bring $1 million of funding to Palm Beach County schools over the next year,” said Ben Kaplan, PoP’s CEO and Founder.

PoP has successfully partnered with several elementary schools in the District (Gove, Hope-Centennial, Pioneer Park, Sunrise Park, and Waters Edge), as well as Carver Middle and Congress Middle, generating impressive results along the way.

“My effort was so minimal and my outcome was so huge,” said Julie Walker, the principal at Waters Edge Elementary School. “In this day and age, our community wanted to show their thanks to our teachers, and this was the easiest way that they could do it.”

The organization is establishing partnerships with more schools this spring, including Jerry Thomas Elementary, K.E. Cunningham/Canal Point Elementary, Indian Pines Elementary, S.D. Spady Elementary, Christa McAuliffe Middle, and more.

For additional information on the program, interested individuals can contact Chelsea Fredrickson, PoP Ambassador of Awesomeness, at [email protected] or 216-217-2912. 
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