Purchase of New School Buses

Purchase of New School Buses Drives Increase in Transportation Efficiency
Posted on 02/23/2021
Bus Stop sign

The School District of Palm Beach County is updating its fleet, with the purchase of 53 new school buses. All of the vehicles will be Type C Conventional Buses, with 20 of them containing rear lifts that are used when transporting special needs students. The new buses are expected to arrive in the District between December 1, 2021 and January 31, 2022. The vehicles will be inspected and in operation by February 2022. 

“The new buses will significantly improve the operating efficiency of the fleet which leads to better on-time arrivals,” said Shane Searchwell, director of Transportation Services. “These buses will replace the much older models, bringing enhanced reliability and comfort, in addition to being more environmentally friendly. This will ultimately lead to a reduction in operating costs as well.” 

The buses carry a price tag of $6.2 million, with Sales Tax Referendum proceeds funding this important expense. The bus purchase occurred through the State of Florida Purchasing Contract that is used by every school district in Florida, for the purchase of school buses. 

The State of Florida Purchasing Contract guarantees lower pricing and ensures that all buses purchased in the state meet the approved safety specifications. Buses purchased outside of this process may not meet Florida specifications, and in turn, cannot transport students to and from school on Florida roadways. 

Sixty-thousand students travel by bus in Palm Beach County, and District buses collectively travel more than 11 million miles per year. Being that February is Love the Bus Month, it is the ideal time to recognize the importance of the District’s transportation department and its continuing efforts to provide high-quality transportation services through the update of its fleet of buses. 

The School District of Palm Beach County