Dreyfoos Grad Brings Dance Program

Dreyfoos Grad Brings Dance Program to Southern PBC
Posted on 01/23/2019
Dance ProgramFilling a void in southern Palm Beach County was one of Lauren Wiles’ top priorities. As a resident of Boca Raton, a teacher at Loggers’ Run Community Middle School, and a 2008 graduate of Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Wiles says there were limited opportunities for dance instruction in Palm Beach County Schools when she was growing up.

“It wasn’t an option for me to go to Bak,” Wiles said. “My parents wanted me to go to school close to home.”

For more than a year, plans were in place to bring opportunities further south. It involved coordination by School Board Chair Frank Barbieri, fellow teachers Cheryl Crout, Dawn Zeman, Craig Denny, and the principal at Loggers’ Run, Ed Capitano.

“Mr. Capitano always had a vision of bringing the performing arts to the south region, and one day he mentioned it during a staff meeting and I jumped up and said please let’s do dance,” Wiles said.

This past fall, the academy was started at Loggers’ Run, giving about 70 dancers the opportunity to perform and showcase their skills.

“We have a large selection of electives, which is rare for middle schools,” Wiles said. “Art is such an important medium for self-expression, and even though some of these girls may go on to become professional artists, for me, it’s all about us making their lives better through this process.”

This is the first year the choice application includes Loggers’ Run for its Arts/Dance Academy. The academy offers dance, ballet, contemporary/modern jazz, musical theater, drama, choir, piano, and band (concert, symphonic, and jazz). Wiles says there has been a lot of interest in their programs from outside applicants.

“I am a product of this system, and to see this started in the south is the most meaningful thing for me,” Wiles said. To learn more and to apply, visit: mypbcchoiceapp.com

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